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Next President of the United Fates of America
This debate is basically a platform to set the stage for Rubio to win or lose all.
If he doesn't make a grand comeback here in the next hour,
he will be in big trouble.
He has done OK on many answers and has recovered some stature,
but the early grip that Christie had on his balls has hurt Rubio in being impactful to the demographics.

Rubio got tossed a bone in the abortion issue by the moderator,
and he chewed on it well for the conservatives.
He is getting some traction back, but the tires are still spinning.

Christie stepped into evangelical doo doo with his abortion answer.

That stab that Trump took at Cruz in the closing statement was great,
on the issue of Carson's votes.

Trump did very well, nobody had the mojo to go after him.

Bush had his best debate, but it won't make a grade above  Pennywise

Christie proved that Rubio is not ready, how ironically unfortunate.
The death grip he had on Rubio's balls at the onset of the debate was too much for Rubio to handle.
Might be tough to handle Putin or the Ayaghoulah in that regard,
if you can't handle Prick SnakeMore aka Chris Christie.

There is one hope for Rubio in all that.
In the Iowa race, Cruz had his worse debate just before the caucases.
All the polls showed Trump to win and he didn't, 
even with the bad Cruz performance, and Cruz won. 

The voters in NH may see through the sleaze that Christire really is,
and that Rubio just had one hard monemt,
and go with content rather than focus on Rubio's stumble and bumble, 
with his worst debate performance.

Nobody really won,
Rubio lost, so Trump gained the blue ribbon by just showing up.
Cruz will hold his own.
Bush will gain a few points.

This debate will seal the fate of Rubio if he fails to take second place in NH.

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