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Next President of the United Fates of America
PJ ORourke is a conservative comedian that used to be an editor for National Lampoon.
He writes for Salon magazine.
He was one of 4 pundits du jour for Anderson Stupor on a CNN analysis of the debate and road to SC.
ORourke is funny!
Talking about his dismay in the high popularity of Sanders and Trump,

Quote:"Bernie Sanders is a commie nut,
and Donald Trump is a New York billionaire with dueling squirrels on his head."  Lol
{Trump's hairdo}

like I said 
Trump has a hairdresser on his private jet.

from september:
P.J. O’Rourke on why Trump will collapse, 
Ann Coulter’s a fraud 

Looks like PJ ate his words on Trump.

Then on another news political talk station was a guy named Lawrence Lessig, a Harvard big mouth.
Sharp as a tack point on the end of a whip however.
His shot at Trump:

Quote:"Trump has no solutions.
Trump thinks that the solution is to hire billionaires"

Reefer Whip

Meanwhile Trump and Cruz and Bush and Rubio and Kasich and on and on ...
Rubio is correct indeed.
It is going to be a bloodbath at the debate.

Cruz's ads with the kids and the Donald Doll ... as the kids laugh about Trump thinking he is a conservative.
That was amusing indeed.

Meanwhile WTF Buckwheat Carson is forgotten road kill from the Cruz team big lie in Iowa,
and as such he was cleaning the toilet at 2% in NH polls.

Trump gets away with pussy talk on the stage, and the crowd there just laughs.

Sarah Palin no doubt will be refeatured in new steamy porno shots with multiple negroes, on the net . Lol
I can hear Trump on his jet now,

Quote:Oh my God!
Did you see what they stuck in her p----!"

And the rest of the entourage on the jet just laughed and applauded  Applause 
even Bianca.

Reefer Whip

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