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Next President of the United Fates of America
It's show time.

The Obama speech on Scalia tactically precedes the debate Hmm2

Jeb Bush is going to try to be a "tough guy" tonight.

They are all going to go after Trumpty Dumpty,
and the question is if can they knock him off the wall into a free fall?

Jeb Bush Lol last chance to be a tough guy, and stay in the race.

Rubio has to Miracle Man his way back into contention.

Who is the retard from CBS ... asking ... interrupting Cruz?

Rubio had the best answer overall on the Scalia replacement.

Trump answers a question by not answering the question on National Security,
and is successful at it!

this "booldbath" is a borebath thus far ...

Rubio ... yawn ... 

Carson ... dead fall 

Kasich ... wants to arm Ukraine Lol

Let's talk directly about Putin!

Trump tried to tie in Russia in the discussion on ISIS and Syria.

Bush gets the tough question on Assad ...
he just pointed at Trump on Russia in Syria.
Bush does not explain how he will toss Russia aside and eliminate Assad. Lol

Trump scores every time regardless of the Bush special intersts in the crowd.

Now Bush sounds like Rubio with a "Sunni army" to take on ISIS.

... the bloodbath has a trickle of red in it now.

Cruz essentially voiced Trump's response on ISIS.

Trump Rofl

... told Bush his mama should run for president instead of Jeb ...

Kasich just essentially lied about WMDs in Iraq by referring to Powell.

Rubio sucks Bush's dick by defending GW and the Iraq decision.
He just lost all my support.

Bush has quite the group of SC supporters in the crowd.
His joke on disinviting Trump to GW's Monday rally in SC was lame.

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