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Next President of the United Fates of America
"... cannot use magic pixie dust to create jobs ... Lol
but his first comment was exactly what Trump said:
... have to bring jobs back to the USA ... {from other countries}.

Bush accuses Kasich of expanding Obama care! Lol
That went nowhere.
Kasich and Bush in a yak 989 fight 
Bush's attack and Kasich rebuttal was a rabbit hole of bore you to death tit for tat.

go to is all Carson has to say.

a totally uninspiring round of Q and A, dominated by the Bush - Kasich yak fight,
which was boring to everyone watching.

yak fight 989 yak fight ... roly poly yak fight Lol

The Cruz - Rubio tiff on immigration was quite an amusing ... replay.

Bush wants to be like Christie ... his ... "I have to listen to my inner Christie"
what a retard

Trump and Bush ... what a laugh.
"Bush is the weakest candidate on immigration"
That was heard louder than you may think, across the country.

Carson is still trying to sell his website:

Kasich wants to "punch Russia in the nose",
but complains about the nose punches on the Republican stage here.
It's a debate, ya dummy, not a game of musical chairs.

even when Bush fights back against Trump,
Trump effectively shouts over him with good comebacks,
and Bush
just stands there looking like a confused and bewildered ewe that just sniffed dummy dust,
and has a clownish grin on his face trying to cover his embarrassment.

Trump quieted the Bush supporters with the Florida comments.

Rubio got the best response to the closing statements,
but I liked Trump's points in his statement,
though he leans too much on how much America loses, and how he will make America win.

The blood bath Whip ... was more of a mud wrestling bath with bubbles and bozos.

Nobody won, and Bush is still a retard.

Time to ponder.

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