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Next President of the United Fates of America
Quote:Crystal Kelly

Donald is the alpha. He has the best looking wife, Ivy league business degree, and hosted one of the most watched TV shows of all time where he viciously fired people every week. Cruz is a sleazy lawyer who rode the pockets of his wife to office.

Democrats and RINO’s have destroyed this country. I sincerely hope Mr. Trump wins and turns this car around before it turns into another Detroit or Baltimore.

We can no longer afford to split the pot with everyone who wants a piece, especially with illegals. It’s too risky. America is struggling enough as it is. Most of us are making below living wage and just had our health insurance forcefully taken away. I make 60k per year and my healthcare is up to $400 per month; compare this to my $25/month car insurance (from Insurance Panda) or my $13/month renters insurance. Both private enterprise (take note, Obama). Do we really want our tax dollars aiding these border jumpers and terrorists?

This country has gone so far off track it isn’t funny.

There appears to be only one man who can right this ship…

Trump 2016
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