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Next President of the United Fates of America
Start celebrating now Lol because the Bush Dynasty will die nasty in SC on Saturday. 

Bush is burnt toast. He is road kill splatter. 
Jeb is nothing more than a toilet stain awaiting the Comet cleanser and the Drano.

A CNN national poll had him at 1 percent this morning Rofl

Take Laura Lovelace Bush and the Bullshitissimo suck monster twins back to Texas,
and put GW in a rest home for dementia cases.

America has had enough of the Bush family.
Lindsay Graham failed.

Go away and don't come back any other day.

I will have everybody here know that it was V, and that would be me,
who made the very first:
Anybody But Bush baseball caps way back when GB sr. ran for president.
I revived the hats when GW ran.
Trump elimanted Bush by choosing to run, and so the hat does not need to be resurrected.


Old friends of mine still have their hats displayed on a wall at home.

For those of you that dislike Hillary,
you can have hats made that say:
Anybody But Hillary


Bulk Republican voters don't care,
that Trump doesn't have a ... how to ... or a ... we do it this way,
on all the promises he makes.
Those voters are happy with the premise of Trump winging it,
and adapting to conditions as they would unfold.
because all the rest of the candidates are liars Whip
with a cotton plantation of plans that they will have to pick-a-ninny wing it on,
if they got elected.
If Trump were to fail in office, 
all the rest of the candidates would fail as much or more,
and the American voter senses that.

Most of the candidates are political pick-a-ninny's.
Especially Bush, and Sanders, and Carson.

The race at this point is streamlining to the two political plantation owners.
Trumpty Dumpty and Heebie Jeebie Hillary.
That may change, 
but for now that is where it stands.

on the issue of Trump being assassinated.
The momentum is a bit scary in that direction.
I want to point this out in that regard:

What is the most powerful cartel that Trump has threatened .... economically?

The corporate pharmaceutical terrorists, ... aka ...  health care Mafioso.
This group of international criminals has the money and apparatus in place to assassinate anybody.

raising his finger in the air at the debate stated on the issue of escalating drug prices,
that the era of price gouging by pharma terror corporate swindlers,
"was going to end" 


Do you think that they are going to sit there and let that happen?
too much money in those cancer drugs, etc.
Powerful pharma cartels could easily manipulate a scenario of a Muslim lone wolf attack,
and assassinate Trump.

That is just one of many threats he faces.
But that is the one threat veiled behind the headlines to seriously consider.
Not to mention the Bush clan and it's shadowed CIA attachments,
going for revenge and behind the scenes manipulation once Jeb is sent packing.

In the meantime,
Bush is dieing in SC polls Applause

Bush might take 5th place Rofl

I will love every second of watching El Stupidissimo Bush,
concede and drop out of the race.


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