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Next President of the United Fates of America

The first CNN Town Hall ... tonight/ last night ... with Carson, Rubio and Cruz.

Ted 'Harvard 666' Cruz  Lol

I watched the town hall with Carson, Rubio, and Cruz on CNN in SC.

Carson ... he is a likeable fellow. 
He is a really nice guy, a really fine human being ... 
When he first stands up and talks on stage,
in the background of your mind suddenly,
you begin to faintly hear ... that chorus of black choir singers singing praise and glory.
The choir of Sisters ebbs and flows in low volume with the tenor of his responses,
but in a short period of time actually,
that choir just fades away in bittersweet dissonance ... 
and you just can't listen to Buckwheat any longer.

Carson's warm and fuzzy teddy bear demeanor while talking tough on national security,
does not instill American Eagle confidence in this candidate.

Rubio actually kept me listening and observing with interest through his entire round.
He connected very well with the crowd, and no doubt with the TV audience.
He was relaxed and professional and his answers weren't that scripted,
they were actually presented quite well.

I was impressed enough to look at the presidential race this way.
Rubio is indeed too young, 
but he got his needed shot in the arm today with the Nikki Haley endorsement.
That gave Rubio a chance to relax with confidence into the Town Hall tonight.
Not only was that endorsement a hard blow to Bush, 
it didn't help Cruz at all either.
Tonight Rubio showed his quality human side,
and his excellent intelligence focused with sharp responses.

But maybe that is what the country needs.
Maybe the country needs Young Blood at the top for a change.
Maybe not, as Rubio has questionable qualitifications, and actions as well.
But it crossed my mind as I watched Rubio perform.
Rubio grew up today.
He is no longer Christie's "boy in the bubble" or in debate trouble.

But he needs that knock out punch now.
He has to take second place from Cruz.

It was Cruz this time that did not sit well with me.
I just have to Cruz-i-fy this slick talking conservative.  

Cruz is "young blood" as well.
Cruz is a spooky brand of conservative.
He has this unpleasant demonic undertone to his demeanor.
He knows how to express several specific political points in a row,
to several narrow niches of conservatism successfully.
His vocal tones and accentuations,
are exactly how each conservative niche wants to hear the content stated.
I know this  Naughty  
and why?
Because when Cruz goes off on Iran,
and talks about deep sixing the AyaGhoula Khameini,
and carpet bombing nuclear plants into pancakes in Iran,
well I just get all ... hell yea ... go Ted Cruz.
He expresses it all just so perfectly,
with facial expressions like he is disemboweling the AyaGhoulah Rofl 
But as soon as he says anything else,
I come back to reality and get that spine chill syndrome from the guy. 

He has to have some Satan with a dash of snake oil in his veins.
Well maybe Satan is a bit harsh ... the Beast?
Ted "Harvard 666" Cruz. 
Ted Cruz would make a great Count Dracula in a Hollywood vampire movie.
Cruz was abslolutely dripping in Draculosis,
as he rambled on and on about Trump tonight to CNN's Anderson Stupor's questions.

Cruz started off like an arch bishop in the Spanish Inquisition on stage tonite.
He puts a bible of damnation in front of you, 
and instructs you that you are going to confess now. 
Then he calmly informs you that you are going to die in terrible pain for your sins,
with little doubt that hell will be your last stop.

Anderson was sitting there totally erect and petrified in terror.
The audience likewise was frozen in fear, 
motionless and almost breathless.
It was bizarre.
There was nothing ... nothing .. but sound of Ted Cruz in total Draculosis mode.

Cruz was pontificating like he was God there to judge a sinner,
all the good, the bad, and the ugly sinners,
with a bible judgemnent of damnation in hell for the special sinner Donald Trump.

I had to turn the TV off after a solid dose of Ted "Harvard 666" Cruz.
Cruz is a Tricky Dick and a devil in disguise.

Rubio unfortunately was at the mercy of Anderson Stupor at the end of the session.
Anderson being the NY gay snotty pantie waste that he is,
goes way off track and somewhat embarrasses Rubio,
with  a question on Marco's tastes in modern electronic music.
This quickly diverted attention from Rubio's solid performance.
Unfortunate, even Rubio was like ... c'mon man ... what kind of question is that?

Ben Buckwheat Carson 
Marco JFKO Rubio
Ted Harvard 666 Cruz
John Marcel Marceau Kasich
Jeb El Stupidissimo Bush
Vladimir Napoleon Trump

Trump has a tall task to entangle with tomorrow night.
It will be his defining moment.
He is quite distracted with Cruz Draculosis,
and has hammered at all the Bush contingencies hard,
such as Lindsay Graham Cracker.


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