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Next President of the United Fates of America
It is excellent to see the SC vote go down tomorrow, Saturday.

The Pope nonsense went nowhere.
Rubio also coming in and affirming that the US had the right to build a wall was bold.

Rubio and Cruz are bludgeoning each other repeatedly ad nauseum.
Cruz exhibits a repetitive dirty tricks operation lubricated with demon dickhead snake oil.
But he knows when and how to play tough on Rubio who might take second place.
The recent fake Obama - Rubio TV ad by Cruz,
was top hat filthy nasty and totally distatseful politics.

Trump chumped on the Bush Lies,
and played it politically safe for the Town Hall which was handled very tactfully,
in that he literally escaped scrutiny while on prime time.
Today CNN has been on a tirade trying to bury Trump on this subject,
with the old interveiw between Trump and Howard Stern.
those CNN fuckheads Hmm2

CNN  --- aka --- Con News Network Whip
Anderson Stupor as the elite NYC national gay news pixie,
and the rest of CNN are doing everything they can to bury Trump before tomorrow's vote.
those CNN scumble 


Trump did well on the Town Hall.
He showed relaxed presidential command.
Trump did better than Rubio overall actually, 
and by virtue of appearing more experienced in the larger spectrum of international life,
which has it's merits in dealing internationally with business and politics.

I watched Kasich a bit.
... too much Energizer Bunny trying to Ohio Jack in the Box excessive political feel good positivity,
all of which does not really exist in Ohio except in Kasich's mind. 
He had a few interesting ideas, 
that I became quickly disinterested in having him excessively explain.
I don't know why ... 
but he reminds me of the Democrats bullshit after listenting to him for 25 minutes.
So I opted to go to the store for some beer, 
instead of sitting out the ... John "alice in ohio wonderland" Kasich reruns Whip

Bush ... what a sorry lame butt bozinski Shemp
Mama is in the audience glowing with prime time pride as the camera pans in her direction.
Jeb is so goddam pathetic.
You can see it in his face.
With every answer he gave to Anderson Stupor's intro Q&A,
you could see Jeb hopefully glancing over to Mama Bush,
for that oh so timely CNN camera shot right in her direction.
I watched Bush for maybe 7 minutes.
Nauseating half wit.

I watched the whole Trump interview on the Town Hall.
He kept me there interested and attentive, and I liked his capability to handle the event,
nobody in the rest of the rat pack of Republican candidates,
had it even one fourth as tough to engage in what Trump had to endure that night. 

I think that Trump will walk away with SC,
and Rubio will come in second.

It is neck and neck between Rubio and Cruz,
and it should be a photo finish,
and Trump will be taking the photograph with a blinding flash at them as they cross the finish line.


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