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Next President of the United Fates of America
I don't think that Rubio will Miracle Man his way to the Republican candidacy either.
He almost walked on water for a few minutes there in the SC Town Hall,
but the huge momentum that Trump has 
will be the inevitable tsunami of delegates to count in his totals soon.

Cruz, who I aptly called the Tricky Dick of this race,
is in a tail spin after the today's dirty trick du jour by his campaign,
and the resultant firing of a lead staff member.

The math is simple.
Rubio has to take Florida, Cruz has to take Texas, and Kasich has to take Ohio,
their home states respectively.

Carson is hanging around with left over cash,
and I wonder if that is to keep votes from going to Cruz more than anything.
Kasich and Carson both help Trump by staying in the race,
and drawing votes from both Rubio and Cruz.

Now look at this scenario.
Trump could possibly wrap up the nomination for all practical purposes in Super Tuesday.
Hillary in the meantime could be ping ponging political barbs with Sanders for far longer.
Trump could sit back at that point, and just rip Hillary to pieces on a daily basis,
undermining her candidacy and keeping Sanders chewing on her heels.

At this point one needs to forecast who Trump will choose for VP.
The early bromance between Trump and Rubio is long gone.
Thus far Rubio and Trump have remained in fairly neutral territory.

VP choices loom large in the presidential election.

Rubio meanwhile racks up a bundle of political endorsements in the last two days.

Cruz looked like a slowly deflating balloon on TV today with his campaign staff problems.

Kasich remains unconvincing and lacks broad appeal.
Carson wants to cream of wheat some more debate time.
The two of them held 11 % of a vote total in SC,
and little of that would go to Cruz once they fold.

Trump, ... did the nation a great service and sent the Bush Dynasty to the deathbed.

I do think that Trump has a chance to beat Hillary.
So does Rubio, but Rubio cannot even win a state yet in the Republican race.
The rest of them have no chance whatsoever of winning against with Hillary.

Trump is almost certainly the Republican candidate.
Rubio is his best choice for VP.
That ticket would win over Hillary and any choice she might make.
Hopefully the two of them will keep after Cruz rather than each other,
and by the time Cruz drops out, 
Trump will have the nomination sewed up anyways.

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