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Next President of the United Fates of America
Here it is ---  the prime time Trump bashing debate.

10 minutes to go.

And who walked into the the crowd?
Barbara and George Papa Doc Bush.
Old Bush looked just as bad as GW, but he's 25 years older.

prime time,
will Trump survive the onslaught?

Carson opening statement was good.
Kasich is lost.
Rubio ramlbed.
Cruz Rofl is a good actor for the Texas crowd.
Trump is boring with the same old spiel.

"Sheriff Joe Arpaio"
Trump had a good comeback to Cruz.

Rubio starts the attack on Trump,
I don't see it going anywhere.

Trump just took the Rubio material with Romney and scored.

Rubio did well to keep the argument going,
but he couldn't top Trump.

Cruz drags Dennis Rodman into the fray Rofl  with Trump.

two pronged attack  


Trump just hammered on Cruz.
"Nobody likes you" Lol 

this is great
kasich is going to bore us to death ... like stale dry day old bread 

tell me who is in charge?


fucking wild!
The Rubio Trump exchange was unprecedented.
Both scored, but Trump spanked Rubio.
Now CNN has Rubio distracted from his anti Trump attacks.


yawn yawn yawn
it's like elmers glue on an incline slowly dripping down

Carson gets to answer a Hispanic question ... 
oh man, stale,
it's like peanut butter oil sliding down the side of a jar

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