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Next President of the United Fates of America
This nation ... this world ... is doomed Rofl

As soon as the debate went to the economy,
you realize that the entire global economic infrastructure is going to bleed to death.

Where is the knock out punch?
Cruz and Rubio ganging up essentially, 
and Floyd Mayweather Trump is boxing them both to the final round.


Trump is hilarious!
gesturing in each direction,
Trump responds,
"this one {Rubio} is a joke,
and this one {Cruz} is a liar,
I rest my case."

best show on TV ever.

That long game that Cruz played on Trump 
with his donations to Carter, Reid, and Kerry and Clinton etc etc
just isn't going to get much traction.
Trump is right,
a whole new group of people are looking to the Republicans,
and they understand where Trump is coming from in being a businessman.

Meanwhile Trump had Rubio amused again and trying to hide his smile,
but still standing on his heels when the moderator would not yield to Rubio.
Rubio had his arms spread put at his sides ... 
in a - give me a break- admittance of exasperation 
over the Trump ability to take over the attention in the debate battles.

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