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Next President of the United Fates of America

Quote:Friday, 26 February 2016
WHY US Voters Are Picking Trump in the Republican Primaries by a Landslide Margin (by more than 10 percentage points).

These are a few key reasons that interested outside observers, who only get edited sound bites of the election race on TV, might want to consider:

1. Trump has a celebrity tough-guy and anti-PC persona that appeals to many Republicans (and independents) despite the fact he's also said a lot of things (and been taken out of context) that have offended various voting groups throughout the campaign.

2. (Possibly the most important point) If you listen to his speeches he correctly identifies the economic crisis situation the US faces - that REAL UNEMPLOYMENT is through the roof (it's actually around 20%). He's the only candidate reflecting this reality.

He also correctly states that this dire situation has been caused by policies that have outsourced jobs. So people who are exposed to Trump's jobs plan (import tariffs targeting Mexico, China etc), who know the country is in crisis, probably don't care about almost anything else he says.

3. He [used to want] wants to implement a system of universal healthcare to replace the current Government-subsidised private healthcare system known as 'Obamacare.' [Correction - Trump wants a competition based private system that does away with state healthcare monopolies (that will drop prices), with a safety net for all those that cannot pay.]

4. He uses anti-terrorism, pro-military rhetoric and says that he'll stop ISIS (that the USA currently covertly supports through Turkey and Saudi Arabia) - while pointing out that he won't use the military stupidly (like when the neocons attacked Iraq in 2003). Interestingly Trump says he'd talk to Putin and respects him. This language appeals to the pro-security/military crowd while giving hope to current service members who in previous Republican primaries gave the most money to the anti-war candidate (Ron Paul).

5. He rails against professional politicians and the establishment (remember, Congress has an approval rating of only 9%) and sells himself as a proactive outsider.

Will Trump end up protecting the big corporations, and/or go back on his promises? Perhaps (although he used bankruptcy laws against banks for his own benefit calling the bankers 'killers' when questioned about it).

Is the guy bombastic and all ? Yes he is.

I'm only pointing out the reasons why many Americans (on the Republican side and Independents) might see him as a good bet against what they currently have.

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