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Next President of the United Fates of America
Given the country's feelings toward the press and BLM
I bet Trump picks up more votes from this .
Posted February 28, 2016 1:23 pm by PatriotRising with 0 comments
Bombshell: Roger Stone reveals establishment using Mitt Romney as Plan B if Rubio fails!
Insiders who were at a recent meeting between the Koch Bros. and Marco Rubio leaked intel on how exactly they’re going to try and steal the election from Donald Trump, GOP strategist Roger Stone revealed.
The Koch Bros. met with GOP millionaires and billionaires Thursday night to pool together over $75 million to stop Trump and are going to use Mitt Romney as ‘Plan B’ if Rubio fails to gain traction on Super Tuesday, according to moles who were inside the meeting.

“$75 million to stop Trump and $25 million to Marco Rubio, but they gave Rubio a condition: he’s got to win the Florida primary or he’s out and Mitt Romney’s in,” Stone revealed. “That’s the plan.”
“First they’ll ramp up an enormous, negative campaign on TV against Trump and they’re going to hit this phony Trump University issue,” he continued. “They claim to have personal dirt on Trump – I doubt that – and they are also going to try and delve into his business affairs, but if Rubio fails to grab the Florida primary, then Rubio’s out and Mitt Romney’s in.”

“The plan is for Romney to file for the New Jersey, New York and California primaries in an all-out ditch effort to stop Donald Trump and you heard it here on”
Additionally, Marco Rubio’s wife called Ted Cruz’s wife, Heidi, to desperately beg Cruz to exit the race and aid Rubio, but Heidi said no, Stone said.
“The power structure’s desperate, the Rubio and Cruz teams are going back and forth but they can’t agree as to who will be the candidate,” he added. “I still believe Mitt Romney is totally dressed up, already made up, waiting in the wings… to step in as the last, best hope of the ‘stop Trump’ movement, and frankly I think Trump will bulldoze him as well.”
Watch the full interview with Roger Stone below:

THE ANGER VOTE! Americans Are Mad! Really Mad!! Here’s Why!!!
2016-02-26 at 2.48.06 AM

‘Kelly File’ Focus Group Provides Insight On Why The ‘Anger Vote’ Is So Powerful This Year


There is a Storm Brewing In America this year, and Donald Trump Seems To Have The Answer.

While Trump is increasing in popularity with each passing day, there may be something else at play that has the votes piling up. It may have less to do with his competence or incompetence, and more to do with the overwhelming disappointment people have with everything political over the past seven years.

When asked how mad they were, more than half of Americans said they were “Mad As Hell” and not going to take it any more. Now that the South Carolina primaries are over residents were asked why they are “Mad As Hell.” This is what they had to say:

Screen Shot 2016-02-26 at 2.49.04 AM

“Right now we are looking at a situation where we are paying as much for refugees and immigrants in this country as we are paying for our veteran’s care right now, 168 Billion per year.”

“Our health care is going straight down the toilet, we can’t convince our doctors to see patients, our military is not being supported and our borders are open.”

“It’s not fair, people losing jobs, people losing money, I can’t afford health care anymore.”

“What bothers me the most in this country is that you can’t even speak the truth anymore.”

“I could never have imagined in eight year in my country that I could have seen such a huge cultural change. It’s an overwhelming umbrella over everything; how we treat our veterans, how we treat our older people, how we’re educating our children, or not educating them, and how we treat one another.”

“How many if you could would throw every member of Congress out, every incumbent, and start over?”

That is just about all of you. If they’re watching in Washington you’re in big big trouble.

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