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Next President of the United Fates of America
that is:
Mitt Rotney Whip

Man oh man.
People reading,
if you have had tough times,
or facing a very hard day and challenging day ahead of you,
imagine being in Trump's shoes,
going into the debate tonite.

The whole media blitz today with this Rotney event today is really amazing.
CNN had interviews taped and ready,
with "people around the world and what they think about Trump"

Commentators calling upon Jeb Bush to return and trash Trump.

The Establishment clowndom is ignoring how many millions have voted for Trump,
basically labeling them as liberals that have "crossed over" to guarantee that Hillary wins. 

The Establishment is desperate.
The debate will really be an all out attempt to take down Trump.
It will be interesting to see who shows the most class and composure in attacking Trump.
My bets are that Rubio will try and out nasty Trump, 
Kasich .... dunno,
and Cruz will be more tactful than Rubio.

We shall see.

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