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Next President of the United Fates of America
Chicago Trump Rally: What Really Happened And How The Left Exposed Their True Form
Quote:This is a report on the Donald Trump rally from Markos, who was reporting live for Danger & Play Media. Follow Markos on Twitter here.
I’m sure most of you have heard the news, and seen the videos on the news. You may have a lot of questions, and want to see if what the media reported was accurate or not.
Well, I’ve got good news for you. I was there, and I will tell you exactly what I saw, and how it all went down.
Let’s first go over the details.

Quote:[b]Important Observations and Comments

I just covered how the night went, from beginning to end. Now I’d like to comment on a few things that stood out, and what we learned that night.

Also, let me state this: I grew up in the Chicagoland area, and am very familiar with how things work there. I knew many friends that went to U.I.C., so I am familiar with the school, the area, and what kind of students attend there.

With that said-

1. These Were Not ‘Peaceful Protesters’

I have heard over and over in the Media that these were simply ‘Peaceful Protesters’ trying to make their voice heard.

This is a complete lie.

These protesters had a clear agenda: Disrupt, intimidate, silence, and attack anything and everyone pro-Trump.

There were plenty of parents there with their kids. There were high school kids, elderly folks, and many females trying to genuinely listen to what Donald Trump had to say.

I myself am in my 20’s and was taught growing up to respect people older than yourself (if anything because I wouldn’t want someone to treat my parents that way). These 18-20 somethings clearly did not; and had no problem harassing and intimidating people their own parents and grandparents age.

2. Most Of These Anti-Trump Protesters Were Bernie Sanders Supporters

The Media, new sites, and political pundits have tried to dismiss or deny this. 

But for anyone that was there, this much was clear:

Bernie Sanders signs were everywhere the protesters were.
[b]Whether they carried Bernie 2016 signs, had Sanders pins/t-shirts, or wrote Bernie Sanders on their home-made posters, his name was everywhere.

3. The Most Violent and Aggressive Anti-Trump Protesters Were Mexican and Hispanic


Most of the protesters were White or Hispanic- it was about evenly split; with Blacks coming in third.

Note: Most of Hispanics in the Chicago area are Mexican; and many of them shouted that they were Mexican. 

But what was clear- the Mexican and Hispanics were the loudest and most aggressive out of the protesters. There were dozens of Mexican flags, signs, and pins in their ranks.

At one point a group of Mexican and Hispanics formed a chain in the middle of the street, holding signs and singing ‘, se puede’ which means ‘Yes, we can.’
Most of the protesters running up to, surrounding, and threatening the Trump supporters were the Mexican and Hispanics. The one who stole the Trump hat off of the girl was a Mexican protester.

4. Anti-Trump Protesters Despised Non-White Trump Supporters

While the protesters clearly targeted any and all Trump supporters, they seemed to have a special affinity for non-White Trump supporters.
The protesters saw these non-White Trump supporters as ‘traitors’; and would get extremely angry seeing them. We even saw 2 groups of Mexicans; Trump supporters holding up the Mexican flag, being verbally harassed by anti-Trump Mexican protesters arguing back and forth in Spanish.
Also, many black Trump supporters were verbally harassed and  confronted by many of the protesters. 
5. The Protesters Were Filled With Hate
The Media has reported and constantly lied that at the Trump rallies, the Trump supporters are the ones that are filled with hate.
Pardon my language, but this is complete bullshit.
The people who wanted to see Trump were your everyday people- lawyers, corporate workers, small business owners, laborers, etc. I did not see or hear any hateful things said by the Trump supporters.
But, the protesters had an aura of pure venom. 
While I felt completely safe (they did not say anything or mess with me), I was actually worried for some of the solo Trump supporters and older guys that they may be physically attacked and hurt.
These protesters 1:1 were not impressive, but they were like a pack of hyenas and had power through sheer advantage of numbers.
6. This Was An Attack and a Declaration of War Against Trump Supporters
If you were present, there is no way you would not come to see this as well:
The Left, and specifically Bernie Sander’s people, have declared war on all Trump supporters and sympathizers
They do not care what you have to say. They do not care about your rights of free speech. They do not care if they commit crimes and break the law.
They want every and all Trump supporters to shut up, stay silent, and submit to them.

Conclusion and Final Thoughts
The Left exposed their true form in Chicago. Whatever claim they still had of being “pro-free speech” and for human-rights was thrown right out the door.
After personally witnessing this historic event, it is clear that the Left is completely built on lies (not that most of us didn’t already know that), and that they are dangerous and a threat to personal freedom.
Chelsea: Hillary Clinton Wants To Extend ObamaCare To Illegal Immigrants

By Robert Gehl —
Never invite a Yoda to a frog leg dinner.
Go ahead invite Yoda to a Frog leg dinner

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