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Next President of the United Fates of America


I didn't know the tabloids exposed Ted Cruz affairs!
Backed by reporters from prominent newspapers.

Cruz sucks as he pretends to not have anything to do with the Melania Trump photos,
released by the SuperPac supporting Cruz.

Lyin' Ted,
turn about is fair play.
Heidi here,
is competing in Melania's birthday suits, while posing on Trump's jet as apprentice First Lady.

So my last image on the prior post is edited out and amended for that contingency.
Heidi looks much better now with the new hairdo and head repositioned properly,
on Melania's birthday suit shoulders. 
Second image is on the Trump jet as well. 
Heidi Ho looks good in a Melania birthday suit image!

Lyin' Ted.
Out fornicating with the devil's whores. Rofl

Lyin' Ted ... Not TrusTED.  Nonono

[Image: uHCYyrq.jpg]


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