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Next President of the United Fates of America
Cruz took Wisconsin handily,
and was totally Tedmondo Disgusto in his victory speech.

CNN called the election for Cruz with only 6% of the vote in,
when Cruz only had a 13% lead.

Sanders had an identical 13% lead over Clinton with 5% of the vote in,
and CNN declined to declare Sanders the victor, like they did for Cruz.

As a matter of fact CNN did not give Sanders the victory,
the vote count was at 25%,
but at that point,'
Sanders only held a 7% margin of lead !!!

CNN is a conglomerate of media whores outright working for Clinton, and against Trump.

Cruz in the meantime just benefits from all that.

Kasich disapperaed in Wisconsin, hoping for redemption of any sort in New York,
while TrumpĀ 
still leads in New York by a large margin.

latest polling is march 29 from CBS

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