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Next President of the United Fates of America
Quote:(INTELLIHUB) — During a press conference where reporters tried to pigeonhole Dr. Ben Carson into saying that he had gotten a scholarship, Dr. Carson took the bull by the horns and flipped the script on the dishonest media, telling them that “the American people are waking up” to their game.
In fact Dr. Carson, brought President Barrack Obama into the mix and told reporters that he “did not remember this level of scrutiny” when he was running. Additionally Carson asked the press why they are not concerned why Barack Obama’s records are sealed.
Dr. Carson also questioned Obama’s attendance at Columbia University, his connection with Bill Ayers and others.
Asked the Carson asked the press point blank:
Quote:“Can somebody tell me why [Barrack Obama’s records are sealed]?”
The press fought and dodged the question at all costs.
Dr. Carson also said that he is not just going to “sit back” and do nothing. Moreover Carson told the press:
Quote:“[…] the American people are waking up to your game.”
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