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Next President of the United Fates of America
What Cruz is doing by hijacking delegates makes Cruz the Forked Tongue Snakeskin Candidate.
Today he was pandering to the media that if Trump is elected,
then the senate will go Demo in the next election.

Trump has a far better chance of beating Hillary than Cruz does,
and I don't care what any polls say.

Howard Dean was on CNN for an interveiw a few days ago,'
and commented on the Cruz - Trump political war.
Dean's statement on Cruz was this:
If Trump loses, and Cruz gains the Republican nomination,
"it would be going from the frying pan into the fire" 
referring to Cruz as the fire.
Trump and Kasich Team Up to Ambush Cruz at Michigan Convention

Quote:Talk about an odd couple. 
The campaigns of Donald Trump and John Kasich joined forces 
to deny Ted Cruz some vital seats on the rules committee at the Michigan GOP convention.

For the Cruz campaign, 
they may have been too clever for their own good. 
Originally, the Kasich and Cruz operations were cooperating to split eight committee members. 
But, according to the Kasich camp, 
the Cruz team tried to double-cross them and take all eight seats for themselves.

In the end, Cruz was shut out.

The Michigan delegation picked one Trump supporter, Matt Hall, 
and one Kasich supporter, Judi Schwalbach, for the two seats on the powerful rules committee. 
The Cruz campaign lost votes for both seats.

The rules committee seats have become highly coveted prizes 
for their role in shaping a contested convention in Cleveland. 
After the delegates are selected in each state, 
they meet as a group and pick the members of four convention committees, 
the most important of which is the rules committee, 
which will ultimately decide who can be nominated president.

Michigan Cruz leader Saul Anuzis said they were "double-crossed" by Kasich's campaign. 
The Kasich delegates were supposed to vote with Cruz delegates, he said, 
but switched sides and voted with Trump behind closed doors Saturday afternoon.

Kasich's delegate director in Michigan, Jeff Timmer, 
said the Cruz campaign broke their end of the deal 
when they tried to win all eight delegation seats.

He said they finished their slate of Trump and Kasich candidates 
about 10 minutes before walking into the delegation meeting.

"The Cruz campaign tried a takeover and they failed miserably," Timmer said. 
"It backfired and they ended up with nothing. 
There's been all these reports about how they're out-organizing everybody. 
Not here."

Trump's national delegate director, Brian Jack, called it a "big win" for Trump.

"The most important votes occurred this afternoon -- we went 5-0. 
Five delegates for Mr. Trump ran for committee assignments; 
all five were elected," Jack said.

He added, "This was a big win for Team Trump. 

We won 25 delegates from Michigan last month, and now, at least 25 supporters of Mr. Trump 
will be delegates to the Republican National Convention.

mean - while ...
John Kasich: Nominating Trump or Cruz would be "nuts"

Quote:Ohio Gov. John Kasich said in an interview airing Sunday 
that nominating someone who can't win in November--
like GOP front-runner Donald Trump or Texas Sen. Ted Cruz--would be crazy.

"What, are we going to pick someone who can't win? I mean, that would be nuts," 
Kasich said in an interview for CBS' "Face the Nation."

The Ohio governor, 
who has repeatedly pitched himself as the most electable option in the Republican primary, 
said a Trump or Cruz general-election candidacy could cost Republicans the U.S. Senate.

"We're not just talking about the presidential race, 
but frankly if we get blown out in the fall, 
which I think we would with both Cruz and Trump, we could lose the United States Senate," he said. 
"We would lose seats all the way from the state house to the court house. 
And I think this is going to be a big consideration at the convention."

"Here in New York we're running in second place," he said. "...
This congressional district I'm running even with Donald Trump. 
You know and the crowds are growing as we mentioned. 
I mean I had, I don't know, three, four thousand people here, today."

But why did Kasich do so poorly in Wisconsin last week, where he picked up zero delegates? 

Kasich said it was a combination of a more conservative electorate, 
negative ads run against him and the "stop Trump" movement.

"I think Wisconsin first of all in the Republican party is far more conservative 
than what we saw in Michigan or Ohio," he said. 
"Secondly, it turned into a stop Trump effort. 
And Ted Cruz spent over a million dollars smearing me up there. 

And we didn't spend the resources to fight back. 
We were prepared to live with that result."

Ultimately, Kasich argued, having fewer delegates at the start of the convention in Cleveland 
won't matter because the numbers can change so much when many delegates become unbound 
after the first ballot.
"I think you're going to see a significant changes in the delegates voting after the first ballot. 

And we have like the best people who can know how to manage a convention," he said. 
"The key for me there is going to make sure that I'm able to visit all of these delegations 
and as you know the process of picking delegates now varies from state to state."

more at link


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