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Next President of the United Fates of America
yes, I agree ... fuck Ted.

Trump is going to kick their asses in New York.
Cruz just cannot win in north eastern states like NY and Penn.

On the banking article:
Quote:Private gold ownership will soon be made illegal.
That is impossible,
as you can still buy all kinds of gold jewelry at close to melt in auctions,
and that is likely to continue for along time.

Quote:Cash withdrawals will soon be outlawed

that is not going to happen.

Quote:The bad news is that your money could be rationed back to you with capital limits

Perhaps, but unlikely to be draconian in limits.
Also you can just go in every few days and make withdrawals.
As far as the rest of the article concerned,
the entire global economic infrasturcture is fragile to say the least.
Note his comment:

Quote:If we are lucky, there will be a new round of austerity (i.e. bail outs).

Something like that is very likely, especially in Europe,
perhaps here as well.
I don't think global economic collapse is going to happen here or globally while Obama is in office.
Winter months are generally low economic months anyways in the US, 
and this summer will show lots of activity.
Real estate prices will collapse when the shit hits the fan
The Italian bank problem is interesting.
Note the word they use in their news article {above link} --- "contagion" 
--- concerning bank failure and public confidence.
None the less, I have been motivated recently to liquidate loose ends in merchandise stock.

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