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Next President of the United Fates of America
This is an interesting rant on Hillary Clinton by David Stockman.
Stockman essentially goes off on a lengthy tirade and scathing condemnation  Lol
and this is just a sample of the full article.
Anything Trumps Hillary

Quote:This will surely be the most entertaining election in US history, 
and probably the most pointless, too. 

After all, Hillary wants to use government to make Government Great Again. 

And Trump promises to use government to make America Great Again.

And then there is the ultimate proof that Hillary is an unreconstructed warfare statist 
who would bury America deeper in foreign quagmires and fiscal chains. 
To wit, she has become so blinded by the parochial delusions of Imperial Washington 
that she actually likened Vladimir Putin to Adolf Hitler.  Lol

The man’s a monumental crook and no model citizen of the world  Applause
but he is no threat to American security whatsoever.

He presides over a third rate economy no larger than the GDP of the New York SMSA 
that essentially consists of a complex of petroleum fields, 
grain farms and metal mines and a lethargic work force with a fondness for Vodka.  Rofl

Until the constitutionally elected government of Ukraine was overthrown by a Washington 
funded mob of  economically deprived citizens, 
disgruntled nationalists and crypto-Nazi agitators in February 2014, 
Putin was basking in the glory of the Sochi Olympics and having petty quarrels 
with the crook who took-over the tiny state of Georgia after the Soviet Union disappeared. 
The world disdained his oafish character, 
but no one claimed that he was fixing to invade Europe.

At the same time, any one who knew the slightest thing about Ukraine’s history 
and its long co-existence in the shadow of Mother Russia 
understood that bringing it into NATO was a decidedly stupid idea, 
and that threatening Russia’s rented naval homeport in Sevastopol, Crimea was sheer folly  Applause

Not Hillary. 
She was soon at the barricades justifying the folly of the NATO confrontation with Russia 
and the self-defeating economic sanctions against Putin.

Even though she was out of office and in a position to recognize that the very same “partition” solution 
that had led to the severance of Kosovo from Serbia during the 1990s 
could have solved the Donbas and Crimea issues, 
she was having none of it.

Instead, by her lights NATO, 
which should have been disbanded after 1991, 
needs to go to the brink with Putin over essentially a Ukrainian civil war. 
And that’s just for starters.

Hillary keeps advocating a “no-fly” zone in Syria  Slap2
but the Islamic State butchers don’t even have an air force.  
So her so-called “humanitarian” no fly zone is just another way to confront Putin.

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