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Next President of the United Fates of America
Quote:Russia to launch yearly manned flights to Moon starting 2025 


The Putin forecast of the Russian future is a warm-n-fuzzy Teddy Bear wearing shades. 

Quote:"You're a Sleaze": Donald Trump Calls Out ABC News Reporter

I saw that on TV ... and I liked it ... Applause

Trump is a busy man being the prime time Trump-o-tainment Love Boat Show,
... he can't keep every ball game umpired ...
Yea, he donated to one bad group and blah blah blah,
but he is right,
no matter how much money he would donate,
no matter how much time and energy he might devote to a cause,
the press is going to band wagon any dirt they can about Trump,
on to the TV news channels for their ratings.

It was non stop coverage all day of this event with the sleazy reporters.

I thought it was great that he called out the ABC news asshole right then and there.

There was an all day news coverage of the Hillary response to Trump's bash-du-jour.  

CNN with ... Anderson Stupor ... and Don {don't squeeze my} Lemon ... and Barf Blitzer ...

It was vampire day on all the news channels today.
They all want to suck the blood from Trump's campaign and election chances.

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