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Next President of the United Fates of America

Quote:... and I should worry about Trump's finger on the Button ?

Nobody needs to worry about either of them being more prone to go pushing nuclear buttons.
The difference is that Clinton is more entrenched and familiar with CIA-DOD-NATO infrastructures,
over such a long perod of time,
and Trump is like the WTF on the White Horse who came out of left field in Yankees stadium.

In that regard unfortunately,
Trump is probably not the welcome favorite within the aforementioned defense infrastructures.

Don't imagine that any "bromance" between Putin and Trump, 
would be long lasting enough to melt any current cold war glaciation Lol

Trump has to deal with Iran backed by Putin with Russian weapon supply.

Putin will test Trump with provocation soon enough to ferret out if Trump has the right stuff,
or if he is just a Trumpty Dumpty that falls off the wall.
With Hillary Clinton, 
Putin has an opponent that already has long experience dealing with Putin's Russia,
but she is an old pain in his ass and a thorn in his side with that queen bee sting potential.

Putin may prefer Trump more so as a fresh start to cat and mouse with,
just because Trump isn't entrenched at all 
in that decades old Bush-Clinton-Obama CIA-DOD-NATO infrastructure,
and has far less international political experience than Clinton.

the international perception Horsepoop   post election will be interesting

The Trump-o-tainment Love Boat Live Extravaganza ... 
The Vladimir Putin Kremlin Carnival of International Clowns...
The Hillary Clinton Horror Du Jour Comedy Hour ...

bernie  Doh  sanders

I love the way Trump says ... Lyyyiinnn'  Ted ... and ... Lyyyiinnn' Hillary Whip

so, Hmm2
I don't think the issue is worrying about who "may push the button"  Nonono

who would you rather have Kickbut

button  Naughty

[Image: redbuttonsmall.jpg]

[Image: putin%2Bcritic.jpg]

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