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Next President of the United Fates of America
Quote:Wook, those facebook links are a mess.
What you can do sometimes is to just copy the title words of the news article on FB,
paste those words into the url space at the top of the page,
and the selection of links to that article will come up with much shorter and more direct links.
Linking into FB is fraught with problems and computer glitches,
which is why I stay away from FB in general anymore.
No single internet site gums up my computer with problems more than Facebook,
which is a hackers paradise.
no matter where you go on internet now
Links throw mountains of spam with cookies for Their benefit at your computer
and yes
I found the easiest way to post story
while sorting out horse shit spamming my computer
if someone is interested in post
I figure everybody in HM by now
knows how to do their own Research
So many Stories are happening now
Things are speeding Up .
Black Trump Fan Delivers Epic “Plantation” Lesson to Anchor Asking About Race

Quote:Mason Weaver, a black Donald Trump advocate, had some mighty words about Trump’s plan to help give Americans an environment to succeed.

Starting off the conversation, Fox Business Network’s Trish Reagan asked Weaver what he gathered from the entire ordeal surrounding Harriet Tubman’s new home on the $20 bill.

“What good does it do me as a black man? How does it benefit me as a black man to have a black woman on the $20 bill? What has it done for me to have a black man in the White House? What does it do for me?” Weaver said. “I am here to compete in America not to be predicated with symbols… I support Donald Trump because I want to build a wall.”
“A lot of people say he won’t help your community. What do you say?” Regan asked.

“What community? I don’t live on a plantation,” Weaver shot back. “What Donald Trump will do for taxes will help black taxpayers and white taxpayers. What he will do for jobs He will help black workers and white workers. I want Trump because of what he’s going to do for America.”

Well, I can honestly say that was brutal and beautiful.
Never invite a Yoda to a frog leg dinner.
Go ahead invite Yoda to a Frog leg dinner

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