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Next President of the United Fates of America
I caught important parts of the live speech on TV tonite, and he did do well in what I saw.
Thereafter on the CNN continuance of the event with post coverage commentary,
they had their traditional puke fest of pro Clinton personalities,
on the Don {don't squeeze my} Lemon show to counter Trump opinion.

In particular recently is a new addition in the CNN pro Clinton clowndation news commentary core.
That would be,
Bacardi Sellers  Lol
Bacardi is corporate CNN'as favorite new PC negro that fits their pro Clinton anti Trump focus.
Sellers is somewhat drunk on his own sudden surge in media personality status.
He is a popularity poll pumpkin head Whip  political TV commentator negro bonehead with a hard on.

New political talking head showboat personalities
like Bacardi Selllers,
are pretty much media manufactured into the spotlight by corporations like CNN.

Bacardi's favorite target for his pro Clinton pukefestation Whip of arguments,
is often focused at Cayleigh McEnany in the line-ups of CNN paneling. 

CNN adeptly manipulates the line up of news opinion personalities,
in the Clinton 989 Trump post speech political comment debates to inevitably lean towards Clinton.
Often by inserting Paul Begala at key moments for pro Clinton commentary,
they bolster their CNN anti Trump media intent at every opportunity. 

Bacardi Pimp Sellers 

another pro Clinton CNN  Pennywise ... we need a Pennywise with a black face ...

Then there is Maria Cardona.
Another CNN pro Clinton pet project no doubt.
The one thing I can positively say about Maria Cardona,
is that she is very very sexy for an older female pro Clinton media PC sex symbol Lol
and she's probably pure Sex on Planet X,

as long as you mute the volume and avoid the pillow talk.


But when it comes to really smart and dynamite sexy in recent TV news personalities,
there is Kayliegh McEnany in Trump's corner and she is an excellent asset to their campaign.
Here she is on CNN

[Image: 6666614368555467022.PNG]

Fighting the CNN manufactured pro Clinton clowndation media whorehouse TV personalities

[Image: sellars_kayleigh-800x430.jpg]

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