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Next President of the United Fates of America
I'm still not finished with George Herbert Walker Bush voting for Hillary Clinton.
And you know that Jeb and monkey balls George jr are voting for Hillary as well.

No more Bushes ... no more Clintons.

Putin would like that, 
and as much as Putin is an international criminal killer psychopath that I do not like,
I believe that he has a lofty perch in credibility above both the Bush CIA spook presidents.

Then of course there is the Hillary Clinton Clowndation Queen.

[Image: Putin-vs-Hillary-700x350.jpg]

looks like she just swallowed a mouthful of you know what ... Lol
Hillary gives great head  Smoke

There actually was a historic event in which Putin met both GW Bush sr. and jr.
This true life event was known as ... 
Putin's CIA Nightmare:
Dirty old man Grampy Bush has bovine spongiform encephalopathy,
while demon seed mutant monkey retard Bush Jr. propositions Putin   Rofl Whip

and as such ...
Putin has to keep a sharp eye on both of them.

Putin's CIA Nightmare

[Image: GYEy3vL.jpg]

This is probably why Putin cannot tolerate to deal with Hill-Billary Clinton.
It's the same old Clinton-Bush Clowndation ... all over again if she gets elected.

Hillary might give Putin good head under the table at the Geneva Global Warming Conference,
but that just eventually bores Vlady, 
as he can get better than that every day at the Kremlin Lol

George Bush Sr. and George Bush Jr. ... treasonous traitorous Republicans ... voting for Hillary Clinton.

[Image: etqGD7a.jpg]


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