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Next President of the United Fates of America
then am I safe to assume that you will still vote for Trump,
with his expanding plan to implement NATO invasion of northern Syria?


and on the contrary to 
"no one sending money and weapons to ISIS once Obama and Clinton are gone"

They have ample funding sources outside this administration that you claim supplies them.
The great majority of Americam weapons and money gained by ISIS,
were taken from the worthless Iraqi army as 100,000 Iraqi soldiers fled 2000 ISIS fighters,
when they attacked Mosul. 
The Mosul bank was left wide open with 400 million in cash,
and the Iraqi army left all the weapons behind for the taking.

ISIS also took hundreds of millions of rubles worth of Russian military weapons,
from the Syrian army when they hammered away at that inefficient occupation force.

So Russia supplies ISIS weaponry every bit as much as the US does,
when ISIS rolled over the Syrian army in past attacks.

Where we failed was by letting ISIS develop financial infrastructure from oil revenues,
and not bombing the shit out of those oil fields.
Only in that regard are you indirectly correct about "funding",
as that is indeed a lame sucktit Obama war policy that reeks of allowing ISIS to gain strength,
for bizarre political purposing that failed.

Aside from that there is no funding and weapons supply from the US to ISIS.
That "funding and weapons" nonsense,
is just Russian wet dream song and dance mumbo jumbo for Putin loving fans.

ISIS got it's American weaponry from battlefield successes in which they captured such weaponry.

ISIS got it's Russian weaponry from battlefield succeses in which they captured such weaponry.

If your grievance is against NATO, 
well then you have one leg to stand on in your comment,
as the Turkish admininstration supplied everybody that was against Assad at the time.

Now Erdogan is all sucktit slobber and butt polishing Assad's ass over the Kurdish issue.

Turkey is the much bigger problem overall,
than any ill conceived rhetoric and nonsense about American supply lines to ISIS.

However I agree that the situation can only improve if Obama and Clinton are gone,
especially with Trump leading the NATO charge into northern Syria   Hi

Maybe Clinton will get the draft will be reinstated for WW3,  Naughty
the first draftees could be Bacardi Sellers, 
Van {fu fux klan} Jones 
and Don {don't squeeze my} Lemon, 
and the first female draftee would be Dana Gash Whip of CNN.

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