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Next President of the United Fates of America
wooks' post:
Quote:Black Lives Matter Leader: ‘We Will INCITE RIOTS Everywhere If Trump Wins

That is actually quite old news dating back to March 2016,
and the black rapper Tef Poe who made the comments has since claimed he was being slandered.
He is known as a BLM activist,
but if you go the BLM internet site,
it appears that he has been pretty much cast out of their group,
as they have nothing there available on anything this rapper writes about.

Blacks are going to incite riots if Clinton wins as well,
because more black people are going to get unnecessarily killed by cops.

We just had the Charlotte and Tulsa killings stimulating recent riots.
The Tulsa event was clearly homicide by the female officer,
and she is now charged with manslaughter.

These are just small events compared to what is coming in the aftermath of future shootings.
Soon enough, a cop is going to kill a very popular black person,
and this country will see riots like you have never seen before,
no matter who gets elected.

BLM <---> threatening to incite riots on the event of a Trump election,
is a different matter.
Riots that emanate from cop killing via reactionary spontaneous rioting and protest,
are different than premeditated rioting and resultant destruction being planned.
In that regard,
BLM "activists"... needs to be fully investigated,
as to who specifically is planning premeditated riots, 
which ineveitably will cause massive property damage,
and even the deaths of police officials.

Black Lives Matters did not actually make these statements.
They were made by the black rapper Tef Poe who has an organization called:
Hands Up United Organization.

The news group that released this article has simply stated that this group,
is the same group as Black Lives Matters,
and that is clearly not the case, 
though Tef Poe definitely associates himself with BLM.

In the case of Tef Poe,
this form of highly premeditated riot action due to a presidential elect Trump ticket,
should bring the FBI and justice dept. into prosecution of Black Lives Matters "activists"
that are responsible for the destruction and deaths that may ensue.

The rapper Tef Poe has long since March of this year when the news article emerged,
disavowed those statements against Trump,
and claims,
that he never made them,
and that these were statements put in his twitter account by a hacker.

Tef Poe did remove the inflammatory statements quickly.
I tend to not believe Tef Poe, 
and that he did make the statements.

Regardless, though he was affiliated with BLM at the time,
I find no evidence of BLM having anything to do with him any more,
and you will not find reference to any Tef Poe statements at their site.

None the less, when looking into Tef Poe and associated black activist rhetoric,
we do see incendiary commentary pointing to violent reactionism.

The riots that cause death and destruction cannot stand,
and only serve to make BLM look worse than their opposing news media makes them out to be.
BLM itself is quite aware of this,
and does not advocate such actions.

Tef Poe is anti-Clinton as much as he is anti-Trump.
here is his twitter account:

Quote:wtf. is wrong with these black celebrities/
everybody has lost their damn minds. 
singing and jump roping and back flipping for the Clintons.

On Obama, Tef Poe has lots of negative comments, here is one:

Quote:He's watered his self down to the point where he doesn't really have a back bone Lol
outside of anything that consists deporting people .

BLM itself
has this site to explain their overall content and dispel rumors:
11 Major Misconceptions About the Black Lives Matter Movement

Quote:Recently the Democratic National Committee endorsed the Black Lives Matter movement. 
The BLM network swiftly rejected that endorsement. 

While voting certainly matters, particularly in local municipalities like Ferguson, 
movement members are clear that voting for policies and politicians whose ultimate goal 
is to maintain a rotten and unjust system is counterproductive. 

Thus the movement cares about national politics, 
and many participants have sought to make presidential candidates responsive to their political concerns. 
However, there is deep skepticism about whether the American system is salvageable, 
because it is so deeply rooted in ideas of racial caste. 
In this regard, the BLM movement, together with the Occupy movement of years past, 
is causing a resurgence of a viable, visible, and vocal (black) left in national politics. 
Moving some issues of import onto the 2016 election agenda should therefore be viewed as a tactic, not a goal. 
The goal is freedom and safety for all black lives. 
And that goal is much bigger than one election.

It is quite obvious that BLM has distanced itself from Tef Poe,
and any overtly radical activism that he may represent.

So the news article simply equates Tef Poe with BLM in a heavily slanted and shady fashion,
when in reality,
BLM does not advocate violent rioting or cop killings.

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