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Next President of the United Fates of America
Note that in the last post that the first quote is not a statement by Assange:
Here is one statement from it:

Quote:Clinton took the lead role in organizing the so-called “Friends of Syria” (aka Al Qaeda/ISIS) 
to back the CIA-led insurgency for regime change in Syria.

That quote was not Assange speaking, 
it was by the original person posting his own overview opinion on the net.
That source is totally unreliable.

The second quote however does involve Assange's own words:

Quote:" ... weapons flows going over to Syria, 
being pushed by Hillary Clinton, 
into jihadists within Syria, including ISIS, 
that’s there in those emails ..."

My question is the obvious one ... 
where is the email from which the above statement is predicated upon?

I want to see the actual reference email record, not snips and cuts of quotes lacking content.

This is important <---> because we have a presidential debate on Sunday night,
and if there is anything there that is actually concrete enough to throw at Hillary,
you would think that Trump would use it without hesitation.

Trump's team has to be looking at what Assange is talking about,
so would Hillary's damage control spin doctors over at CNN and elsewhere.

The Washington Post is Clinton Clowndationville news,
but here is their take on the Assange release:

Quote:WikiLeaks had promised a big information dump on Tuesday morning 
that many thought would hurt Hillary Clinton's prospects for the presidency.
But that never happened. 
It was all a big tease that had Donald Trump's supporters salivating, and then crushed.

Later in the day, 

Assange said by video link that the information would be forthcoming before the election, 
but he insisted that its purpose is not to hurt Clinton.  Lol

Journalist Glenn Greenwald, 
a strong advocate for transparency and civil liberties and co-founder of the Intercept, 
doesn't see it that way.

"Any changes are of degree, not category or level," 
Greenwald told me by phone Tuesday, and he said that, 
despite "vociferous disagreements," he still considers himself a WikiLeaks defender.

Greenwald, who helped bring Snowden's NSA material to light, 
views what happened Tuesday as entirely in keeping with WikiLeaks' operating principle: 
"They don't reveal what they have 
and they engage in disinformation to protect what they think is their mission."

The mission is that information - unfiltered, unredacted, what Assange calls "pristine" - is inherently good. 
And nothing should be allowed to taint it.

I looked into google search for any feedback news on the subject of these emails, 
from any sources anywhere and find very little,
which means to me that the Assange leaked content was most likely lacking in true potency,
and my bets are that Trump won't be able to use any of it with much punch.

Perhaps more drama will emerge from the emails, 
and the smoking gun that has been expected,
will come forth with more sudden impact than the wimping puff of smoke I see thus far.

The exact and specific email transcripts Assange refers to are available ... somewhere?


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