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Next President of the United Fates of America
I am still trying to find the actual emails that Assange has released which specify Clinton's actions.

Several internet news sources are now posting the interview with Assange,
but none of them post the entire interview or even very much of it.
As matter of fact all they are posting is the one paragraph by Assange,
that has already been posted, and they are all simply repeating the Duran news post.

What intrigues me is that none of these sources will post the actual specific emails.

I am very interested to see what Assange directly refers to,
because if is so smoking gun hot,
Trump's people would be all over it to use in upcoming debates and / or on the campaign trail.

If you actually find the specific emails from Assange that point to what he claims about Clinton,
please post them Wook,
I have had no luck in finding any actual email transcripts that are on this specific subject matter.

I would like to see the smoking gun, not just Assange's opinion.

Watching Trump thus far today and yesterday,
he has made no comments in this direction as of yet.

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