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Next President of the United Fates of America
Monica is very lucky she didn't get pregnant, 
because if she did,
she would have had a Lady Die car accident.

Now to the news business.

Today's observations of CNN corporate whoredome news casting:

CNN is quite amusing this morning in their choice of news casters,
talking down the Donald and the video tape.

CNN has chosen this morning,
two slender tall and pretty but highly choreographed females,
Frederica Whitfield and Sunlen Serfaty.

CNN then placed in between those two skyscraper tall slender CNN rags,
the absolute smallest shrimpiest dickless man they could find on staff,
a punkish pussified clown named Manu Raju,
who squeeks when he talks.

It is such an obvious ploy to play out the two slender and lovely rags Whip
Whitfield and Serfaty,
as females endowed with national news stature and poise.

Both females stand well above the dickless male sitting there, Manu Raju,
who is the CNN patsy male for the morning news moment.

Whitfield and Serfaty fit the ticket of being the proverbial CNN fag hags.
It is absolutely comical to see little puny one inch boy toy Manu Raju,
attempting to pose as the official CNN news opinion man,
between the two tall slender legged sexy Clinton Clowndation hags.

They would have been better off putting any of their gay British news pundits,
in the middle of the two Clinton Clowndation hags.
Richard Quest or even Suzanne Malveaux would have been a better choice.
CNN loves to broadcast little shrimpy dickless dickhead men like Brian Stelter, 
and Manu Raju, or anybody from the CNN platoon of gay boneheads,
like Anderson Stupor.

Tonight we will be sure see Maria Scardona Lol
Anna Yak Navwhoro Whip Whip 
go on their: 
anti Trump tirades,
pushing for Trump to resign from the Republican ticket.

An important thing Trump does deserve is a chance at the debate to trash Clinton.
I think that is a mistake,
but give him credit for having guts and balls,
something that most CNN males have little of, 
especially the balls.

Soon CNN will probably require male news broadcasters on their network,
to be castrated as eunuchs in order to work there,
and their obviously undersexed females news casters,
might as well wear chastity belts over their Clintonesque pant suits.

Frustrated pussy females and ball-less gay men seem to predominate CNN.

I remember when CNN had Elliot Spitzer on their news casts for awhile.
He was great, 
but CNN canned him when that worm Weiner from NYC got caught sexting again.
That is how CNN works it's PC-ness.
Pusillanimous gays broadcast with sexually frustrated females.
Just take one look at Dana Gash who supposedly had an affair with Ron Paul. 
CNN buried Malveaux in the gay closet at the corporate HQ.
Then there is cream cheese cupcake on an emergency diet -- Brianna Keiler,
we will call her Briocha Keiler ... as in lemon brioche.

To the top of the list,
is Gloria Bourgeois Borger whose snakeskin face gets more frighetening,
each time they drag out that NYC alley cat,
onto the staged CNN nightly news opinion talk shows.

Manu Raju Rofl 
Brian Stelter Rofl
Anderson Stupor Rofl

Little man syndrome at CNN.
small hands,
small brains,
small dicks = the CNN news pundit male.
Van {fufuxclan} Jones is the token black there at CNN,
that actually implies himself to having any penis stature at all.
That may satisfy Gloria Borger,
and Anna Navarro Rofl
but Suzanne Malveaux will definitely pass on Van's big black glans.

Anderson Stupor in the meantime,
is still waiting for Mike Tyson to call and court him.


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