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Next President of the United Fates of America

a huge crowd outside Trump Tower jamming 5th Avenue Whip
cheering him on as he emerges, 
while chanting USA USA USA.

I Love it.
Great stuff.
Made my day actually.

Even better was seeing Ryan literally booed off the stage in Wisconsin.

I still don't think Trump has a prayer in hell to get elected,
but stranger things have happened in politics,
and I am willing to see how he does in the debate.

Most Republicans saw the huge numbers of people booing Ryan,
and the support Trump is getting from the grass roots right now.
those Republicans also may be waiting to see how Trump avails himself in the debate with Clinton.

Pence is being primed behind the curtains for the takeover, if that happens.

Hillary is being vampiress prepped with a fresh fang polish for the debate.
Bill Clinton is all zipper up smart shut the fuck up,
while Monica Lewinsky Whip
is the emergent starlet harlot of the Clinton White House Suck Me and Fuck Butt Me Closet.

Monica needs a front row seat at the debate.
I bet she won't show up in a pant suit.

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