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Next President of the United Fates of America
quick comments:

1. Fuck Paul Ryan. 

2. The wikileaks produced nothing of any concrete useable material for Trump,
on Clinton supplying weapons to al-Qaida and ISIS,
or Trump would have used it.

In that regard, Assange's opinions on that subject 
were badly focused, and generally disregarded by Trump.

Wiki did however open the door on the banking speeches,
and that will continue to haunt Clinton hopefully,
and more will emerge as well hopefully..

3.  CNN and Obama admin. grand hypocrisy focusing on Russia attempting to influence the election.
As if the US doesn't play the same game against Russia.

CNN is the single most whore-acious international entity attempting to influence this election.

There is no news on CNN news,
unless it is a hurricane or such, 
and that lasts one day.
CNN news is then back on 24 / 7 anti Trump news casting.

Don {don't squeeze my} Lemon will soon reinsert  Assimilated Anna Navarro
their foremost alpha-bitch-rag for another gagging screaming melt down,
into their staged news pundit opinion slaughter housing attempts on Trump.
Lemon purposely allowed Navarro to vent her emotional vomit on CNN.

This is one reason why I follow CNN and trash their every transgressive action.
This is why I have invented surnames for all their trash talking news opinion whores.

Post debate last night they had Smirk-Con-ish Whip slobbering off nonsense.
He had such a fresh head shave so over polished,
that the lighting glare off of his shaved testicle of a cranium,
was actually blinding 
David Axelrot Lol into a visible headache
Jake {the Clinton Clowndation Milkshake} Tapper 
could be seen shielding his eyes often in the direction of Smirk-Con-ish.

Fuck CNN. 
The men are all Clinton Clowndation pussies. 
Except for Van {fufuxclan} Jones Lol
who has attempted to implicate himself as endowed with a big black dick,
when he went after Trump's hand size with the Rubio faux pas, a month ago.

Like I said earlier,
Van may staisfy Gloria Borger Banana_hump and Anna Navarro  Rofl
the premier CNN alpha-bitch-rags,
but Suzanne Malveux, 
well known as their token gay female news caster,
is not amused with Van either.

3. CNN had Woolsey former CIA and current advisor to Trump on this morning.
He would not take Kate Bolduan's bait,
and refused to play into their pre-set trap on the issue of Syria and Pence prior comments.

This will be interesting to see how it unfolds between Trump and Pence.

Trump clearly pointed to using NATO as an invasion force to confront ISIS.
Trump needs to listen to Woolsey, his CIA advisor, a little more closely.

If Trump becomes president,
the very first time Putin burns him on the international political stage over Syria,
Trump will go on an anti-Putin rant that will make his anti Clinton rhetoric look like sugar water.

Putin is having trouble controlling the Assad and Iranian military in Syria,
with their bombing of hospitals and aid convoys, 
because Assad and the Iranians want to win over Aleppo as fast as possible.

It is inevitable in that regard that Assad will push Putin against any Trump - Putin cooperation,
by unilaterally taking military action,
that is not in Putin's interests of self aggrandizement.

4. The new game Trump is spelling out is the:
Safe Zone Rofl

that is another name for ... no fly zone ... and that adresses Assad,
and of course it would be the no ISIS zone,
the no al-Qaida zone,
the no no zone,
something that Woolsey suggested ... as all we have left that we can do. 

So my question is ...
who OCCUPIES  the No Fly Zone?
Assad military?
Russian troops?

just how does this Safe Zone operate and who occupies and enforces it?


What will happen when Raqqa falls?
The US spends all that $$$$$ in air force actions just to yield it to Assad?

this will be very interesting to see how it all plays out,
is still sitting in the cat-bird seat in Syria laughing at the Obama admin.

5. the comment lost on the public was that ... Clinton mentioned that Mosul may fall before the election.
Obama getting ready to apply ... military will?

too little  Doh too late in Syria, so Mosul will be Obama's military mess to clean up.

we shall see, 
as Mosul is in Iraq not in Syria, 
and Putin will not be engaged there with air power.

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