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Next President of the United Fates of America
FSB says:

Quote:History teaches us that Tyrants exist, such Tyrants will go to any length to stifle dissent.
They do  not forget.

it is time to consider what you may be saying.

You watched the debate no doubt.
Well I am already burnt toast then,
in any event of a Clinton presidential victory. 
The Clinton Clowndation White House will probably later crucify me for all my cartoons about them. 
So would Vladimir Putin for that matter,
with all my great cartoons about him  Hmm2

Do I even get a choice? 
I mean, heck ... I could at least request my own executioner between the two psychopaths Smoke

Let's talk about the debate a little bit,
and fan the flames of my post election assasination, 
by Hillary Clinton or Vladimir Putin, 
both being the big time clown time sociopatho-fucks that they really are.

yes  Rofl  I would rather be executed by Vladimir Putin rather than Hillary Clinton.

You see, Putin would probably make it quick and painless,
but Hillary would probably try and be ... the innovative Torturess.

last  Smoke  cigarette

let's talk about the debate

Trump certainly and clearly won the debate,
pinning Clinton down excellently on many issues.
But he performed his character flaw - faux pas again, 
in the "she's such a nasty woman" poke.
He just can't help himself.
At first I thought that his unwillingness to accept election results if Hillary won,
was also an unneeded blunder,
but in retrospect I understand why he did it.

"Ill keep you in suspense" was the Trump reply.
That's his way of saying he will actually support the other party victory,
but in the meantime he isn't going to pretend to make pleasantries,
before or after the election. 

I hope he wins of course.
But in the aftermath of a loss, what Trump has waiting for him is stardom as Trump TV.
On Trump TV,
the primetime show will be the Hillary Goes to Hell Show  Rofl
Trump of course,
will get to playhouse as both God and Satan in show debut.
In the Hillary Goes To Hell Show, 
the Clinton Clowndation is always burning in flames for eternity Applause

All joking aside, observing Hillary Clinton up close in the debate,
she is spooky ...
she really gives me the icky sticky's and the heebie jeebies Lol

A Hillary Clinton Presidency

[Image: heebiejeebies-logo-woman_screaming.png]

something deep down in the DNA, 
you could see it in her eyes,
when she was silently infuriated with Trump in the debate.

[Image: hillary-lizard.jpg]

Be careful when you look at Hillary Clinton in the eyes, 
as she looks straight into the camera speaking on TV to America.
You may literally be turned to stone,
while being thoroughly bored to stone,
by the snake haired presidential candidate dressed in ten thousand pant suits.

[Image: kbjY0mg.jpg]


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