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Next President of the United Fates of America
Worthless F-wad senators etc. among the Democritters
are calling for Comey's resignation over Wiener emails being investigated.
Obama on the campaign trail brainwashing the Clinton Sheep  Shites with:

Quote: .... don't listen to the noise"

in relation to the new FBI investigation and the Wkileaks releases of Clinton-Podesta emails.

Iraqi miltary special forces are about to enter Mosul to engage in street to street fighting.
ISIS is shrinking fast and soon ISIS top political / religious figureheads,
will have to escape from Raqqa as well when the offensive to take that city begins.
Where will they go?
They will spread out over several countries, especially in Africa I assume.

That is the curious part however, the delay in pushing the Raqqa offensive forward.
This delay is probably occuring due to Turkish pressure on the US to not supply the Kurds.
Without Kurdish offensive capabilities to take Raqqa puts new meaning into the Russian fleet on it's way.

ISIS still is able to travel between Raqqa and Mosul,
and why that has not been cut off also is somewhat confusing.
Nonetheless the noose tightens very quickly around ISIS in Mosul and Raqqa,
just in time for the election.
The possibility is that Russian / Syrian air forces will engage in bombing both Raqqa and Aleppo.
It could be that Obama will display some form of cooperation with Russian air campaigns, 
seeing how the Kuznetsov and the fleet are soon to be in port at Tartarus in Syria.

Mosul will fall soon enough, and that bloodbath may be quadrupled in Raqqa.

In that regard,
it may be wise to just let the Russians and the Syrians encumber those war costs,
and let them do the job in maintaining a dual front war with ISIS in Raqqa,
and then al-Nusra around Aleppo.
I don't think they can do it without a large infusion of ground troops,
which means Iranain troops or even Turkish troops.

The mess in Turkey decays into a catalyst to possibly dismantle that country from NATO,
thus exposing the fragility and obsolescence of NATO.

The fuckwit Erdogan is closing down all the "opposition" newspapers and TV media,
Tens of thousands have been purged from military and associated civilian services,  
and riots are now beginning to ensue.

In the meantime,
Obama tells the Clinton  Sheep Shites:
"... don't listen to the noise ..."
see no, 
hear no, 
speak no,
monkey shit.

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