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Next President of the United Fates of America

Quote:The Russians Didn't give Julian Assange the e mails
you were wrong
get over it .

YOU are absoluetly wrong, and have been since day 1 on this issue!

The highest statistical odds are that the Russians hacked the emails,
and that is obvious to everyone,
including the only pro Trump news channel FOX,
in which even O'Reilly grudgingly  admits to that premise. 

Now if you want to call O'Reilly,
a part of the Clinton news and media conspiracy against Trump, 
well good luck. 

The Russians covered their tracks like good little Russkie hackers would,
and those emails were delivered by a third party to Assange. 

And you are also completely self blinded in that regard of anything that has to do with Putin,
YOU get over it!


that I at least offer both pro and negative news accounts on Putin on many occasions,
as can be evidenced in my last post.

You don't look at, or even consider the pro Putin material I post,
you only look at the negative material,
and your pro Putin sensitivities just cannot stand it.

pro Putin news opinion from my last post:
The Imperative of De-Demonizing Vladimir Putin

There is never a moment in anything you post,
where Putin is nothing less than a saint in absolutely all his actions.

Steven Seagal just got citizenship in Russia.
Looks like Putin has room for all his devotees in America.
Rent is probably cheap in the Ural mountains Lol

So every time you want to go in this direction,
telling me "to get over it"
I just will double down on Putin.


here I will toss you a bone 
with a pro Putin news article,
something you could never accomplish in the opposite fashion,
of posting anything that exposes Putin negatively.

a German TV propaganda program for the Deutsche kiddie mensch,
actually called
kaka-doo {kakado}

Propaganda for tots: Children’s program on German radio accuses Putin of war crimes

Quote:The program has provoked criticism from some German public organizations, however. 
The Regular Public Conference for the Public Media, 
a German NGO dedicated to monitoring the activities of Germany’s publicly owned media, 
has lodged a complaint with Deutschlandradio 
over the controversial show, saying it presented “disputable” and “false” information.

The NGO went on to accuse the radio station of attempting 
“to indoctrinate children and teenagers in an unacceptable way” 
that could “negatively influence their personal development.”

It also denounced the show for violating “educational and psychological standards” for children’s programs.”

“Adults can … defend themselves against the media propaganda 
and draw their own conclusions based on their experience and logic. 
Children between six and twelve years old are yet unable to do that,” 
Maren Mueller, the head of the Regular Public Conference for the Public Media, 
wrote in her letter to Deutschlandradio.

The NGO went on to demand that the radio station correct its program 
so that it presents an objective view of the situation.

“The mission of the public service broadcasters consists in balanced, 

impartial and truth-centered reporting and not in contributing to the promotion 
of [certain political] narratives and spreading enemy images,” 
the statement from the Regular Public Conference for the Public Media said.

Here is your saint ... sanctifying himself with a statue in front of the Kremlin.
Putin unveils 'provocative' statue of namesake Vladimir

Russian President Vladimir Putin has unveiled a controversial statue to his namesake 
- St Vladimir -  Rofl in Moscow.

Also known as Vladimir the Great Whip
the 10th Century prince was one of the rulers of the first eastern Slav proto-state, based in Kiev.

He is credited with the introduction of Orthodox Christianity.
But the figure is claimed by both Russia and Ukraine as a founding father
and critics have accused Moscow of a provocative gesture.

The 16m (52ft) statue was inaugurated on National Unity Day - 
a national holiday revived by President Putin in 2005.
It is also a feast day in the Russian Orthodox Church, 
whose ultra-conservative leadership is close to Mr Putin.

The Church's head, Patriarch Kirill, joined President Putin for Friday's ceremony.
Initial proposals to erect a 25m-high monument on Moscow's famous Sparrow Hills 
were scrapped after fears the site would become unstable.

It was finally decided that the monument would be put up just outside the Kremlin, 
a World Heritage Site, but with a reduced height.

Saint Vladimir Lol

[Image: _92270490_0126d5a3-b528-4ef4-ba71-13afa9243616.jpg]

now here is an odd twist to an odd story:
The anti-Russian Julian Assange leaking Vladimir Putin's dirty secrets

Quote:Infighting among Putin’s inner circle 
has led to a series of disclosures over the past few months 
that have shined a harsh light on the private dealings of the Kremlin court -- 
much as Hillary Clinton has endured the airing of thousands of e-mails 
as a result of what the U.S. calls Russian hacking of her campaign.

As the Kremlin gears up for Putin’s last re-election bid in 18 months, 
anti-graft crusader Alexei Navalny Applause
has emerged as the conduit of choice for rival factions 
to scoop dirt on each other as they jostle to retain their fiefdoms. 

While Putin has largely stayed above the fray, 
anonymous tips and research by Navalny’s staff of 30 have led to a string of revelations 
about the extravagance of some of the Russian leader’s closest allies, 
including a new luxury home for his premier, 
army contracts for his personal chef and private-jet travel for the show dogs of a top official.

Navalny’s critics say he’s just a pawn in a bigger game, 
but the 40-year-old lawyer says it doesn’t matter where leaks come from as long as they expose officialdom -- 
and the more strife sown along the way, the better.

“They’re starting to devour one another,” 
Navalny said at his foundation’s office in Moscow, which is paid for through public donations.

The latest bout of infighting started in the summer over the largest asset sale of the year -- 
a controlling stake in Bashneft, 
a crude producer with more than $10 billion in annual sales. 
Igor Sechin, who runs state oil champion Rosneft and has worked with Putin since the 1990s, 
clinched the acquisition this month, 
but only after a bitter feud with premier Dmitry Medvedev and first deputy premier Igor Shuvalov, 
both of whom wanted Rosneft excluded from the sale.

As the debate intensified in July, 
Navalny published investigations on his website revealing that Shuvalov 
had acquired 10 adjoining apartments 
in a coveted Moscow skyscraper and spent millions 
to shuttle his dogs around Europe in a private jet. 


Shuvalov’s wife said the corgis -- Queen Elizabeth II’s favorite breed –- 
participate in shows abroad “to defend Russia’s honor.”

Those disclosures were followed by newspaper reports detailing the use of a luxury yacht 
by Sechin’s wife and the Rosneft chief’s construction of an estimated $60 million villa 
in an exclusive area near Moscow.

Sechin won an invasion-of-privacy lawsuit over the property story, 
but by then Navalny had revealed that Medvedev was building a luxury home of his own 
with funds from a billionaire buddy’s charity. 
The premier’s spokeswoman, Natalya Timakova, said the estate in question is owned by the state.

Even when the scoops aren’t his own, 
Navalny serves as an amplifier by tweeting about them to his 1.68 million Twitter followers.

“This is what Navalny does -- he collects trash,”   Naughty
said Mikhail Leontyev, a spokesman for Rosneft and Sechin. 
Putin’s spokesman, Dmitry Peskov, said the Kremlin has “no opinion” about Navalny, while a spokesman for Shuvalov, the first deputy prime minister, declined to comment.

For Gleb Pavlovsky, 
an adviser to Putin during his first decade in power,
all of this muckraking just shows that the state’s campaign against corruption 
is little more than a diversion from the main event -- 
the fight for survival among rival groups, 
one in which Navalny is considered useful.

“Everyone in this arena is in a state of conflict,’’ Pavlovsky said.

Since 2011, 
when Navalny tried to parlay his popularity as a litigious stockholder in state-run giants 
like Gazprom and Transneft into a political career, 
he’s been detained numerous times, 
held for a year under house arrest and been convicted of fraud twice. 

He says the charges were trumped up to bar him from running for office, 
like he did 2013, 
when he nearly forced a run-off in the Moscow mayor’s race against Putin’s handpicked incumbent.

Navalny said suspended sentences spared him from jail, 
but his brother, who was also convicted of fraud, 
is serving two-years “like a hostage.”

Though hailed by fans at home as a Russian Julian Assange, 
the Wikileaks founder who’s bedeviling Clinton’s campaign, 
Navalny said that he has no ties to the anti-secrecy group 
and that his fund’s work differs in a fundamental way -- 
it relies on open sources and citizen researchers, 
not on hacked data. 

He also rejects domestic critics who accuse him of working on behalf of U.S. interests, 
as Transneft CEO Nikolay Tokarev did in 2011, 
after Navalny completed a fellowship at Yale University 
and then helped lure tens of thousands onto Moscow’s streets for the biggest anti-Putin protests ever.

As for the U.S. claims of Russian collusion with Wikileaks, 

which the Kremlin denies, the activist said they may be right.

A few months ago, 
such an accusation seemed like “an entirely unfounded conspiracy,” Navalny said. 

“But now, given how apparently synchronized Wikileaks is 
with the false propaganda of Russian media like RT and Sputnik, 
there are reasons to assume that such cooperation is likely.”

Vice President Joe Biden said Oct. 15 the Obama administration will respond to Russian hacking 
“at the time of our choosing, 
and under the circumstances that will have the greatest impact.” 

Such a threat raises the possibility that the U.S. might have secret details 
of financial dealings by Putin’s inner circle 

that could be more politically damaging than anything Navalny has unearthed, 
according to Vladimir Rimsky, 
a corruption expert at the Indem research group in Moscow.

“It could be a disaster if the U.S. gets a hold of something like that,” he said. 

For now, Navalny said he’s happy to continue being a thorn in Putin’s side.

Last week, he published a report on a taboo subject for Russian media -- 
the president’s family, 
specifically the flow of millions of dollars from state companies 
into a foundation run by Putin’s youngest daughter, 

Katerina Tikhonova.   Rofl

Reports like that may not show wrongdoing, 
but they’re embarrassing for a privileged class that’s used to operating in the shadows,
according to Rimsky.

“Rule No 1 isn’t to come clean, it’s to avoid getting caught,’’ he said. 
“Everyone would like Navalny to shut up.”

specifically the flow of millions of dollars from state companies 
into a foundation run by Putin’s youngest daughter, 

Katerina Tikhonova.   Rofl

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