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Next President of the United Fates of America

Quote:Crazy politics! [Image: lilD.gif] 

What if Comey's announcement "cleared hillary"(and that includes himself...)


That sounds wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy too good to be true.

Exactly what I said about the Brett Baier nonsense with "impending indictment" of Clinton, as well.
Too good to be true.
Baier had to backtrack on everything he pushed on FOX as "leaks from the FBI"
within one day,
to include,
the hacking of Clinton's emails by five foreign countries,
false info of which collapsed back to the original suspect, Russia.

The whole affair, the new email investigation, ... the Brett Baier FBI leaks ...
was all suspicious bullshit to be skeptical about as it all unfolded.
I don't see how the FBI got through 650,000 emails as well that quickly.
Either Comey caved under the pressure, or he was part of the whole sham scam.
Behind te scenes pressure by Obama on Comey must have been intense.

The Democritters are desperate because they have that sick feeling in their stomachs.
They know that Hillary has a propensity to fail at the last minute.
Trump could pull this out just like the Brexit surprise.

Let's hope so.
Of course, the Clinton Clowndation Network News media pigs CNN,
are already airing video's of independent state militia's that are Trump supporters,
gearing up in military training exercises for when Hillary takes all the guns.

NYT also did an in depth article:
In particular,
they featured the Georgia Security Force, and they aren't all white people.

lots of images at link

Quote:The Georgia Security Force is one of scores of extremist militias nationwide 
that have rallied around the presidential campaign of Donald J. Trump, 
heartened by his harsh attacks on immigrants, Muslims and Syrian refugees. 

But no single issue motivates militiamen more than guns — 
and the enduring belief that Hillary Clinton, despite her insistence that she is not anti-gun, 
is plotting to take them away.

Mr. Hill, who calls his group a “defensive militia,”
predicted unrest and violence from extremists on both sides
no matter who wins the presidential election.
If Mrs. Clinton wins, he said,
millions of gun owners will march on Washington at the first attempt to restrict gun ownership.

[Image: XXGeorgiamilitia9-superJumbo.jpg]

What makes America stronger than all other nations is that it's citizens are armed,
from one end of the country to the other.

And it should stay that way,
because if global chaos ever causes this country to be invaded,
we will have a damn good fighting chance of keeping this country.

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