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Next President of the United Fates of America
Doesn't mean many Countries and Hackers didn't Hacked Hillary and DNC
it means Hillary is above the Law
and the Same people who claim Saddam had WMDs and now claim the mess in the Mid East is Russia's fault
are full of Shit .

'We're being invaded right now'
Michael Savage describes Obama's 'Scorched Earth' approach to demographic warfare

History isn't about tolerance or peace or understanding. History is about war. History is about conflict. History is about invasions – and the most consequential invasion in human history is well underway.

"We're being invaded right now," says talk-radio host and best-selling author Dr. Michael Savage.

"We're being invaded from the south. We're being invaded from the north, from the east and from the west. You might say, 'Well, that's the way of things,' and you might get used to it. They're here, they're near, they're everywhere. The question is, why are liberals so quick to embrace this invasion, and why are traditionalists and conservatives like myself so resistant to erasing the borders, language and culture of this great nation?"

More than 3 million foreigners came to the United States in 2014 and 2015 according to a new report from the Center for Immigration Studies. The foreign-born population in the United States, now standing at 43.3 million people, is at an all-time high. Immigrants now make up almost 14 percent of the population, the highest percentage in 105 years.

And the rate of immigration is increasing. If current demographic projects are left unchanged, immigrants will compose a record share of the population in seven years.

It's not just the number but the origin of these new residents which is causing concerns.

Border Patrol officials say an increasing number of would-be illegal immigrants are arriving from nations around the world, including from outside the Western Hemisphere. The number of "refugees" is also on the rise, especially from Muslim nations. Some 13,210 Syrian refugees have been welcomed into the United States by the Obama administration so far in 2016. More than 99 percent are Muslims.

Republicans are already grappling with the political problems presented by an increasingly Third World population, which is putting states like California forever out of electoral reach. But the changes go beyond politics. Entire cities or even states like Minnesota are having to grapple with huge problems such as Muslim immigrants attempting to join the Islamic State.

The increased demand upon the welfare and social services by immigrants is also putting financial pressure on many communities. And sometimes, even the Muslim immigrants on welfare still end up fighting for the Islamic State.

An unprecedented crossroads in history. A desperate struggle for national survival. America itself is on the line. Don't miss the most explosive book of the political season from the man leading the nationalist revolution. Michael Savage is here to tell you how to take America back in "Scorched Earth: Restoring the Country After Obama." With special autographed copies available ONLY through the WND Superstore!

In his new book, "Scorched Earth," Savage unloads on Barack Obama, Angela Merkel and other Western leaders who are "invading their own countries" to deliberately deconstruct them.

Savage challenges the premise Obama is a weak leader who is being taken advantage of. The truth, he suggests, is that Obama and other pro-immigration leaders know exactly what they're doing.

"Barack Hussein Obama, a president who was never touched personally by oppression, has one of the strongest wills I've ever seen, similar to those of other very dangerous leaders," Savage claims. "Look at Germany, at Belgium, at America, at the guilt-edged humanitarian rush to bring in Syrian Muslims and Bosnian Muslims. No one knows who they are or where they're really coming from. Ninety percent of them are men without women and children. Of course, the news media are modifying that reality to suit their liberal agenda. They are showing us pictures of older men, frightened women, and hungry children. But we all know that the influx to Europe is 85 to 90 percent single men of military age.

"Obama is invading his own country. He's destroying it from within, like a worm in an apple –or the communist mayor in the Big Apple. He began with illegal aliens from Mexico, Honduras, El Salvador, Guatemala, and China. Using glib lies and illegal executive orders, and unchallenged by the complicit mainstream press, he is making his own people stand down. He's making the local police stand down. He's making the border patrol stand down. They were illegal Mexicans living in a refrigerator box on a hillside in Riverside County, California. The Immigration and Naturalization Service was summoned – and took no action."

Savage accused Obama of being a "psychopath" deliberately trying to destroy the United States and the rule of law.

"He invades his own country with a de facto army from other nations, foreigners who are not even citizens, who have no visas or legal right to be here," he thundered. "He wipes away the laws of his own land. He permits illegal aliens to vote. If that's not psychopathic behavior, tell me what is."

Dr. Savage sees a primal hatred animating Obama, Merkel and other leaders seemingly possessed by a fanatical desire to replace the populations of their own countries.

"Two of the hallmarks of the psychotic are egotism and the need to destroy," he pronounces. "It is the goal of these dictators to make certain that traditional Americans (and Germans and Englishmen) in general, and the white male in particular, no longer have a voice in their own nation. They are the enemy, and they are within."

In "Scorched Earth," Savage combines his typically fiery style with a professor's thoroughness in breaking down what exactly is behind the open borders mania. He identifies Third World immigration as a massive wealth redistribution effort, with immigrants in Europe and the United States receiving huge benefits from overworked Western taxpayers.

"This is Muslims running toward financial gain – at your expense," Savage argues. "The fact of that matter is that wherever they go – Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Germany – they abuse the social service/welfare systems."

More than that, Savage shows how the activists and organizers who push massive Third World immigration, especially by Muslim "refugees," are doing it because they are making money, not because of some vision of "morality" or "compassion."

"Lutheran Family Services is accepting refugees only for the money… They're doing it because they're greedy," Savage states. "They're doing it because they make money off it. There's a lot of self-interest."

"Scorched Earth" is not comforting reading. Instead, it's a call to arms for Westerners to resist their own extermination in what is becoming an existential struggle. And the hour is late.

"We may have lost the battle," he warns. "All you can do now is prepare for the tsunami of foreigners, of illegal aliens, of those opposed to Christianity and Judaism that the psychopaths are allowing – no encouraging – to rush across the borders as quickly as they can.

"If you want to know what this country will look like in ten years if this is not stopped, all you've got to do is look south at the border, then all you've got to do is look at Fallujah, then all you've got to do is look at Somalia, and you'll have some picture of what districts or whole regions of inner cities will look like in this country, unless the subversive groups are exposed and stopped."

FBI Agent Suspected in Hillary Email Leaks Found Dead in Apparent Murder-Suicide


Irresponsibly Saying Putin Wants Elections Disrupted

By Stephen Lendman


Hillary disgracefully accused Russia of hacking DNC emails to distract attention from clear evidence showing she stole the Democrat party nomination by primary election rigging.

Her campaign manager Robby Mook irresponsibly called Trump a Putin “puppet” - because he’d rather normalize relations with Russia than go to war with a nuclear super-power, the greatest risk of a third Hillary and Bill Clinton co-presidency, she in the leading role this time.

The Wall Street Journal hyped the nonexistent threat of Putin wanting elections in America and other countries disrupted - citing unnamed US officials making preposterous claims, saying he seeks “(e)lectoral chaos in (the) West…to safeguard (his) hold on power…”

He’s overwhelmingly popular with an 80% + approval rating. If held today, he’d win an open, free and fair reelection without campaigning - his name on the ballot enough to assure it.

Russians want no one else leading them. No evidence suggests he’s interfering in the internal affairs of other countries in any way - unlike how America operates.

Yet the Journal, to its discredit, accused Russia of “rock(ing) the presidential campaign” by hacking, perhaps “peak(ing) on election day” - despite not a shred of evidence suggesting it.

Citing disreputable “White House officials and other experts” with a clear anti-Russia agenda, the Journal absurdly said “Russian meddling…may become more potent in Europe than in the US (by) courting political figures there…”

Russia seeks cooperative relations with all nations, the way all responsible governments operate - polar opposite how America intimidates, bullies and bribes other countries to support its imperial agenda, featuring endless wars of aggression and destabilizing activities to assert its authority.

According to the neocon Foundation for Defense of Democracies’ Russia researcher Pasi Eronen, elections in Germany, France and elsewhere in Europe next year “have big geopolitical implications for Russia.”

So does America’s next week most of all. No credible evidence suggests Russia trying to influence outcomes anywhere, regardless of what parties and candidates it may favor privately.

Claiming otherwise is part of unjustifiable Putin bashing - solely because he champions respect for international law, favors peace, not war, multi-world polarity and inviolability of sovereign independence for all nations, free from dominance by others, the way America operates.

The Journal: “US and European observers have criticized previous elections under Mr. Putin as rigged and marred by obvious fraud…”

Fact: Independent international monitors judged Russian presidential and parliamentary elections open, free and fair - during his tenure as Russia’s president and prime minister.

The Journal: “Mr. Putin hopes to inoculate himself against such criticism by sowing so much chaos in US and European elections before then that Western leaders will be too preoccupied with domestic problems to spend much effort criticizing the Russian poll, one senior White House official said.”

“By hacking and dumping emails, Russia is trying ‘to denigrate the American electoral system, to make it look chaotic, make it look manipulable, make it look subject to intrusion, cheating and vulnerable so you can’t trust it…to make us look no better than the Russian electoral system,’ the official said.”

Fact: Utter rubbish! Typical US willful lying and deception, distracting attention from its endless high crimes, ones the Journal and other media scoundrels suppress, supporting America’s war on humanity instead of honorably denouncing it.

WikiLeaks’ dump of over 50,000 Hillary campaign emails came from one or more US intelligence sources, not Russia, as falsely claimed.
Never invite a Yoda to a frog leg dinner.
Go ahead invite Yoda to a Frog leg dinner

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