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Next President of the United Fates of America
... who will be Trump's Secretary of State?

Ted Cruz would be an excellent choice, and so might be Newt Gingrich.

The looks on the faces of the Demo's at their party crash last night was absolutely precious.
Stocks Rally After Overnight Tumult Fades
US Election 2016: Markets meltdown fails to materialise

Quote:The biggest winners on the FTSE 100 were pharmaceutical firms, 
defence and mining companies, 
while banks and retailers were among the losers.

excellent coverage of international stock movements in the last two days



We hit 22000 views today on this thread, 
with 1675 replies,
this morning,
the most watched, reviewed and responded to thread in the shortest amount of time Dance2
that a thread has been up for reading,
in all HM history.

Special thanks to everyone who made it happen,
especially Wook,
who relentlously and tirelessly thrashed Hillary Clinton.


I am eagerly awaiting a comment from Saint Vladimir!



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