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Next President of the United Fates of America


Clinton won the popular vote by 200,000 votes but lost the election in the electoral voting.


This stimulated protests across the country in many cities:

So today I am driving home through town here, after jogging in the local hills.
Rolling down the main street in Bellingham with the slow afternoon traffic,
suddenly I hear a loud and boisterous marching protest of young college 989 students approaching.
There must have been at least 200 of them,
yelling something like:
"Trump's not my president" ... 
over and over, as they moved quickly through the downtown core.

Washington State here was Clinton Country and these young college snots were quite amusing.
They organized their protest very quickly actually,
and surprised the local people downtown who stood about slack jawed Jawdrop

On a more astute note,
Vladimir Putin offered a nice olive branch today in his welcome for Trump.
Putin Reaches Out To Trump, Calls For End To 'Current Crisis'
Quote:In a telegram, 
the Russian leader said he was confident he and Trump could start
"a constructive dialogue based on the principles of equality, mutual respect, 
and genuine consideration for each other's positions." 

He also expressed the hope that Trump would help resolve "the current crisis" in U.S.-Russian relations.

Vladimir Zhirinovsky, 
a nationalist firebrand who advocates the restoration of the Soviet Union's borders, 
threw a Trump victory party in the parliament, 
serving sausage Lol  candy   Doh   and   Cry  sparkling wine.

Speaking to state television, 
Zhirinovsky predicted Trump would ease sanctions and lower tensions in Ukraine and the Middle East.

"Everything will calm down, and humanity Sheep  will breathe a sigh of relief," Zhirinovsky said.

The leader of the Russian Communist Party, 
Gennady Zyuganov Hmm2 disagreed. 
He said nothing would change, 
arguing that the United States has been following "a strategy of expansion" for the past 200 years.

Putin's closest allies took the middle road. 
Vyacheslav Volodin, the speaker of parliament, 
said he hoped for more a more respectful tone in relations with the United States.

Volodin was echoing the words of his boss, 
who received foreign ambassadors at a Kremlin ceremony Wednesday. 
Putin told the diplomats that it "won't be an easy road" to repair relations with the United States, 
and repeated that Russia wasn't to blame.

Failed 'reset'

Putin's conciliatory comments contrasted sharply with the Kremlin's reaction to Barack Obama's election 
to his first presidential term in 2008. 
While most of the world celebrated the day after Obama's victory, 
Russia's president at the time – Putin protégé Dmitry Medvedev – 
threatened to deploy nuclear-capable missiles to the border with Poland. 

Following his inauguration, 
Obama reached out to Moscow with the so-called "reset" in relations, 
which had soured under President George W. Bush. 
Obama's first secretary of state, Hillary Clinton Whip 
became responsible for finding as much common ground as possible with the Kremlin 
to advance the administration's foreign policy priorities: 
winding down two U.S. wars, 
reaching a deal over Iran's nuclear program, 
and reducing existing U.S. and Russian nuclear weapons arsenals.

But the reset failed. 

When anti-government demonstrations broke out in Moscow in 2011, 
as Putin prepared to seek a third presidential term, 
the Russian leader blamed Clinton for "sending a signal" to Russian opposition leaders.


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