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Next President of the United Fates of America
After a year of presidential race media saturation ... 

... the daily casual surveillance of CNN Clinton Clowndation conspiracy ... 

I can't watch any of the news media  Horsepoop at all right now.

They can send me a postcard with Putin having breakfast with Trump.

The Trump administration is being assembled and this guy might be secretary of defense,
and he is down and dirty on Iran.
General Flynn.
The news source is CNN so it has some CNN vomit factor in parts of the article,
so I selected the material on Iran since that was prickled and pickled into the TV news today.

Quote:In particular, 
Flynn portrays Iran as the source of many of America's national security problems. 
Flynn co-wrote his book with Michael Ledeen, 
a neoconservative academic who has long been a bitter critic of the Iranian regime.

Flynn advocates the American overthrow of regimes that are "Islamic republics" 
which could include not only Iran, 
but also American allies such as the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and the Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

Flynn's views, in short, align closely with Trump's and in some cases are more extreme, 
since not even Trump is advocating regime change in Iran, Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Flynn, like Trump, sees Russian president Vladimir Putin as someone the US can do business with. 

In December, Flynn attended a banquet in Moscow where he sat next to Putin. Reefer

He also has appeared on the Kremlin TV mouthpiece, Russia Today,  
(which Flynn has compared to CNN)  Rofl

If Flynn is Trump's national security advisor or secretary of defense, 

we can expect him to push for a closer relationship with the Russians; 
a punitive policy on Iran -- 
and a more aggressive war on Islamist militants around the world. 
These views mesh well with what we have heard from Donald Trump on the campaign trail.

Iran political issues in the near future,
will tarnish the current Putin and Trump news polish,
from their current bromancio and mutual bravado and general overall media bullshitissimo.

BeelzeBibi in Israel remains the Wild Card when it comes to Iran.

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