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Next President of the United Fates of America
I caught a TV spot today on CNN's Anderson Stupor Whip
where he interviews that babbling banshee,
Elizabeth Warren.

[Image: gettyimages-543300058-jpg.79680]


I just see all the Democrats slowly swallowing their feet down their throats currently.

Foot in Mouth Syndrome = FMS = Democratic Party Crybabies in the new Trump presidency.

Elizabeth Warren however has perpetual PMS and FMS  Rofl


[Image: warren_sanders.jpg]

Sanders caught creating simultaneous FMS with Warren above.
Sanders should have known better ... than to trust ... 
any Clinton Clowndation FMS conspiratorial Crybaby.

She has self appointed herself as the Democratic party senatorial Battle Bitch.

Anderson Stupor gave Warren a few mild challenges on her mindless mumbo jumbo,
and that is a definite slight shift in CNN strategy that will play itself out soon as to it's true colors.

Trump meanwhile tosses together his own fresh salad version of cabinet picks,
all of which are a wait and see approach as to competency at the jobs.

I still don't see a Secretary of State, 
and it is quite interesting to see Giuliani almost disappear from any spotlight whatsoever.
I don't care for Mitt Rot-ney, but he would definitely be competent. 

Trump is also looking at Petreaus for the job.

Jeb El Stupidissimo Bush is a forgotten almost dead dog race horse slumping in line at the soap factory.

Trump might let Jeb Bush be the Shoe Shine Boy before the Cabinet meetings.


Trump however does like to puzzle people to keep them off balance,
and the Mitt Rot-ney bullshit Whip
makes one wonder why Trump doesn't do the same kiss and make up with Ted "Harvard 666" Cruz.

Cruz would be a very competent Secretary of State,
especially in dealing with Iran and Russia.

we shall see

In the meantime ... Jeb should be getting his Shine Box ready for polishing Trump's shoes.
[Image: cci9psE.jpg]



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