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Next President of the United Fates of America
The CNN Blues:

In the mornings here I have breakfast and catch a little TV news media,
either at CNN or FOX, 
which are good opposites to gather the daily spin from.

This morning on CNN's Berman and Bolduan --- aka --- Boreman and Bulldump,
Kate Bulldump was visibly exasperated with a Trump loyalist.

it really isn't the Trump loyalists that are punking her panties right up Kate's butt crack,
it is the sudden slight change in overall CNN management approach to Trump.

Her counterpart Pee Wee Berman remained lifelessly rigid with faked composure,
but Bolduan was quite visibly put out with a spell of Trump induced PMS.

I saw this as well with Anderson Stupor the other day,
when he did test the banshee Elizabeth Warren,
with more pointed questioning,
than CNN usually allows their Jack in the Box news spew announcers to play onto the Democratic losers.

Bolduan dressed in a very hot body dress,
that is something between Time Square whore and 50,000$ hippie ho, 
had a:
scowwwwwwwl ... 
a very visible and displeased scowl Hmm2 plastered across her face,
and at one point she literally threw her hands up in the air,
stating she wouldn't bother to challenge the Trump loyalist who was very effectively answering questions.

You see,
CNN has decided to at least temporarily instruct their newscast floor whores,
to play the game a little more evenly between Trump and the Democratic party losers.

Kate is obviously not handling the new CNN management guidelines very well,
be those guidelines temporary or not,
as they wait in the grass like snakes for Trump to make a mistake.

Pee Wee Berman on the other hand remained stiff and rigid as a stone statue,
if he had looked into the face of:
the CNN Medusa -- Gloria Phantasm Bolger -- aka -- the CNN female Angus Scrimm.


Bolduan was amusing to say the least,
and her visible discomfort was so up front such that she was inches away from a schoolgirl tantrum,
which she did hold back on.

Bolduan obviously needs another lengthy maternity leave from CNN.
Pee Wee Berman being 1 inch taller than Manu Raju,
is just tall enough to match Bolduan's height for broadcast potential.

Manu {the Narnian Talking Mole with a toothpick for a sword} Raju,
is seen as hilariously cast in fast news clips,
recently following John McCain around,
trying to pin down McCain on recent Trump comments.

This is why CNN and Manu Raju are hilarious:

Raju being a shrimpy pusillanimousity,
is so short in height,
that CNN Whip
has to bring the camera in from a very low angle ... almost next to the floor surface Rofl
to view Raju as looking taller than he reallly is,
and he was still a full head Hi  height shorter than McCain.

You see, CNN cannot put Raju next to any of their sexy taller female news casters,
like Brooke Buttwind {Baldwin},
because he looks like a 7th grader in stature next to her,

Manu  Cry  Raju
would be absolutely perfect next to Gloria Phantasm Bolger.

then they could call the two of them 
The Bunny Wabbit and the Beastie News Hour Rofl

Goria Phantasm Bolger on CNN {she could easily be Scrimm's sister}
[Image: MV5BNDMwMTY1NDQzNF5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwMDM5...17_AL_.jpg]

Manu Raju live on CNN
[Image: mole-big.jpg]

[Image: JGz1Blc.jpg]

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