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Next President of the United Fates of America
It wasn't the Russians, CIA or anyone else, Seth Rich was on his way to FBI Interview

He had all his PERSONAL belongings, but no 'briefcase', or folder of papers, to bring to the interview.

Looks like like another Vince Foster "suicide".

Bob... Ninja Alien2


The above is ANOTHER avenue that is not considered.  The CIA and DOD are BOTH at war against each other, neither are answering to Obama and CIA WANTS the Syrian War to Continue, and DOD does not, neither does the NSA.

Remember this:

[Image: clark-after-911-regime-change-7countries-5years.jpeg]

And WHERE are ALL the "Hot Spots" right now?  ALL of those mentioned based on "FAKE NEWS"
  Doh Assimilated

FAKE NEWS has ALWAYS been 'assimilated' by the CIA.

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