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Next President of the United Fates of America
As I have said many times,
I for one believe that the the Russian govt. was the shadow behind the Hillary Clowndation hacks.
in my last post bottom of last page,
I somewhat echo the material in Wook's last post, 
as I demanded solid evidence and nothing less.

wook last post
Quote:When the CIA concludes things in secret that are reported to the Washington Post 
by anonymous sources
the reliability of the conclusions is heightened exponentially.

Phrases like “individuals with connections to the Russian government” 
are simply shorthand for “Vladimir Putin” 
because the Washington Post has too much good taste to actually print that name.

In addition, many of the Russian groups identified as the hackers,
are about as tangible for the public to understand as a TV show with sound problems and no video stream.

The CIA is only making things worse for themeselves with their vague accusations,
not backed by any concrete results.

Obama today states that the public should be more concerned about the Russian hacks.

Well excuse us,
we have to deal with hacks on a daily basis to keep our computers from being fried.

Perhaps our not so tearless leader Obama should have backed the true Democratic candidate:
Bernie Sanders,
instead of the cesspool of corruption in the Clinton Clowndation.

Clinton's nomination threw away a huge sector of the voting population who saw a wall of corruption,
and decided not to care about voting.
Obama shot himself in the foot,
and wants to blame the public for not being concerned about Russian hacks.

The reason there are so many HACKS Whip
in both government,
and in the public sector --- aka --- yours and mine ... computers,
is that the entire computer manufacturing technology by companies like MICROSOFT,
design the systems to be hacked by the NSA Whip

So you cannot just blame Putin,
your NSA inspired national public surveillance infrastructure,
is really the sole originated source of all our computer problems.

Clean up and clean out the corruption at Microsoft that designs back doors for the NSA,
and sells you computers designed to be hacked by the Surveillance State.

The problem is not with Russian hackers,
the problem is with ANY hacking of any computer systems public or private,
and the lack of protection,
built into the entire computer industry manufacturing creating a useless virus protection industry. 

Facebook is a national symbol of the S.urveillance S.tate,
and the ability of hackers to gain access into your computer via FB is appalling.

As a matter of fact,
the true nature of Yak Facebook 
is such that the management infrastructure at Facebook,
is probably behind a good portion of the hacks and blocking of people's freedom of speech,
so that they can offer:
the 200$ protection package --- to protect FB users from hacks.

In that regard, it is no surprise that the CIA has nothing better to say than:

Quote: “individuals with connections to the Russian government” 

... because they may also be behind some percentage of the hacks,
or played along with foreign government hacks as a venue of misdirection and control in later bullshit.

It is the NSA that is to blame in the long run for being ineffective at hacking controls,
by guaranteeing that system of computer hacking to be installed into all computer systems,
in collusion with computer software whore corporations like MICROSOFT,
and Russia simply said ... 
thank you, 
we can play that game too.

If the NSA and the US government wants to leave their pants down at their ankles,
somebody is going to look up their ass.

The NSA and the S.urveillance S.tate wants everybody's pants down at their ankles,
so that they can look up all our asses.

Until that mindset is changed,
nothing changes,
and in the long run it is the US public that continually gets fucked with HACKS,
all initiated by NSA and Microsoft collusion,
in creating the S.urveillance S.uper S.tate.

These NSA and CIA Nazis need their own SSS flag. 
Two S's ... SS ... aren't enough for the 21st century Surveillance State Nazi.

Pointing at Putin to cover up their inefficiencies caused by corruption and collusion,
with computer software companies like Microsoft,'
and surveillance venues like Facebook,
the public is fed up,
the public isn't stupid anymore,
and that is why the public doesn't vote in plausible numbers anymore,
lack of trust,
in the shadow government of national surveillance and their hypocrisy. 

They {CIA and NSA} only have themselves to blame for any Russian hacks,
which is why the CIA is trying to mouthwash their bad breath with the current bullshit.

Show us the Money,
Show us the true evidence,
or shut the fuck up, CIA Whip


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