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Next President of the United Fates of America
Only three personalities on the news today as the TV media saint or sinner du jour,
and two of them were vilified endlessly.
That would be Putin and Trump of course.

Obama clawed his way back on stage by priming tomorrow's speech for hacking retaliation on Russia.
Obama thought that Clinton would win the election anyways back when the hacks were apparent,
and they had a plan to let Hillary play the post election Putin apocalypse card,
but Trump stole the election. 

A roller coaster carnival ride in Babylon every day on CNN.

The sabotaging of the promantic bromance Whip
of the Trump - Putin ...
make peace and make money parade of movie monarch personality syndromes,
is in full swing tomorrow with Obama's speech.

Obama pretending to be a tough guy like he was with Assad and the Red Line of Nonsense,
is going to try and make up for all the lame dog and weak nig' attributions in the media against him,
and his lack of strength with Putin. 

Trump is trying to ride his tidal wave on the TV while squeezing in Cabinet picks,
while Putin relaxes in a heated swimming pool somewhere with a cool vodka drink that has an unbrella in it.

Putin and Obama's speech on Russian hacking.
Trump's twitter finger is already itchy. Lol

eye see you
[Image: 564cd3742e3e6.jpg]

Putin telling Obama a Chinese chicken joke
[Image: 1027532507.jpg]

McCain called him a killer the other day,
Putin posing in a 21st century art show.
[Image: putin-psycho1.jpg]

Obama has his speech ready
[Image: the-good-the-bad-and-the-dumbass.jpg?w=630&h=738]

Putin in the Kremlin Comedy Clown Hour on national TV
[Image: 6a00d83451af9f69e2019aff6e2fe5970b-500wi]

[Image: 6a00d8341c72e153ef01bb07a5009f970d-600wi]

[Image: aa8e1693-0efe-480d-9d00-e1e2db73df35.jpg]


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