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Next President of the United Fates of America

We'll pass for the moment that the Podesta emails revealed that the only election tampering was the Democrat leadership messed with Bernie Sanders to make sure he wouldn't get the nomination. Instead, I would like to focus on a one particular evil intention that arose from the Wikileaks electronic dump.

On March 11, 2016, former CIA Director Mike Morell contacted John Podesta in what can only be viewed as a frantic state of mind. The reason why I say frantic is because Morell exchanged no less than six emails with Podesta in the span of 5 minutes.

"I'm thinking that you are undoubtedly extremely busy, but I was hoping to come by and see you for 30 minutes," wrote Morell to Podesta. "There are a couple of things that I would like to put on your radar screen."

After repeated exchanges, the radar scope cleared and eventually the two powerful men came to a satisfactory time and place.
"I'm at Tenley Circle. Want to just come to my house? 3743 Brandywine St NW. Anytime works. Or I can come to you," Podesta noted.

"I'll come your way," replied Morell.

Thus, the former CIA Director and the Campaign Manager of Clinton for President 2016 met to discuss matters of importance - just six days before Morell would testify under oath to FBI Agents on Clinton's classified emails. Somehow I doubt that John and Mikey discussed Podesta's recipe for Lobster Risotto. If I was an agent assigned to question Morell and Podesta, I'd ask about this casual meeting out of the blue.

One possible clue toward the subject line on the "radar" for the two gentlemen was Clinton's emails. Keep in mind; we are not talking about Podesta's gossip filled porn novel email exchanges but Hillary's personal server full of classified State Department information.

What we can discern is that Morell was deeply involved with Clinton and her classified doings as Secretary of State. There were several times during his interrogation that Morell tried to downplay the importance of Clinton's personal fubar emails.

"Morell was shown an email chain from [XXX classified by the CIA XXX] with the subject [XXX classified by the CIA XXX] Morell stated that it was clear they were discussing [XXX classified by the CIA XXX]. Morell believed that the email was classified as it discussed operational activities. Morell initially stated that the content of the email 'did not give much away' but he conceded that the [XXX classified by the CIA XXX] information could potentially be damaging to the operation."

Another little gem inside the FBI testimony of CIA Mike Morell showed he wanted to provide cover for Clinton's work in the Libyan war.

"Morell recalled the matter referenced in the email and provided the following context: At the time of the email the Libyan Civil war was raging and MUAMMAR GADDAFI was still in power. Part of the U.S. strategy at that time was to induce the defections of high ranking officials from Libya. In the email chain BURNS expressed that MUSA KOUSSA should be treated well following his defection to support future defections [XXX classified by the CIA XXX] but that the CIA would say that the content is classified because [XXX classified by the CIA XXX]. However, Morell did not feel that the disclosure of this information would cause 'horrible' damage.'

Interestingly, Morell would later advocate heavily in the New York based press for Hillary Clinton and clearly expected to be rewarded for his loyalty toward the former Secretary of State if she became President. In fact, his critique of Hillary's opponent, the now President-elect, was both scathing and obviously biased.

Yet, to be honest, there was one good reason why Morell and the CIA would have a beef with Gaddafi. Morell wrote the CIA report prior to the 2003 invasion of Iraq stating there was no question that Saddam Hussein was trying to develop nuclear weapons. Part of Morell's basis for this conclusion was the work of his CIA partner Valerie Plame and her husband Ambassador Joe Wilson. Wilson reportedly discovered a trail of unprocessed Uranium "yellow cake" from Africa to Iraq and Saddam. This accusation became the basis for Morell's conclusion that Saddam was trying to go nuke.

However, this Morell moment turned out to be false. In fact, it was Gaddafi who was trying to develop an atomic bomb. Once Gaddafi saw what happened to Saddam, he decided to turn evidence and become a partner of the west. Gaddafi dismantled his bomb program and turned over all the documentation to western intelligence agencies.

As a result of Gaddafi's good turn - the US discovered that Pakistan and its bomb making genius, A.Q. Kahn were selling nuclear weapons plans and giving tips on how to make bomb grade Uranium to Libya. Gaddafi's confession also led to another bad moment for the CIA. To add insult to CIA injury, Morell and the agency missed the fact that the A-bomb blue-prints turned over by Gaddafi were from China.

So as one can see, a thread in Podesta's email leads to a string in to the CIA's dirty work in Libya which leads to a rope around Gaddafi's neck at one end and Hillary Clinton at the other. The rope also ties in the CIA's closest ally in western Asia, Pakistan and their pet partner in crime - nuclear proliferator China.

Today, it seems the new boss may not take a liking toward the CIA failures and will want to clean house. Is it any wonder that leaks from "unnamed sources" at the CIA seem to be aimed at the winner of the 2016 election? Perhaps the agency now leaking classified data at the drop of a hat has some sort of vendetta against the guy who beat their former co-worker. The very same co-worker who would have gladly covered for the CIA screw-ups in the Middle East.

While the press may be fascinated with John Podesta and his 30,000 seedy emails the real gem is Hillary's classified data. Frankly, I can see Vladimir laughing at us blundering Americans, gasping for air with tears rolling down his cheeks. If Putin was indeed hacking the Obama administration and Hillary in particular, his recent successes in the Middle East are the result of what Hillary leaked.
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