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Next President of the United Fates of America
What a fucking comedy.
Putin and Trump prime timing on Dancing with the Stars,
doing the Nuclear Weapons Tango.

I see nothing wrong with upgrading the nuclear arsenal.
Putin has pushed his military advantage to the point of having to respond.

The Russians tested 160 new weapons in Syria,
and you can bet that they produce them economically, 
though not necessarily to high excellence standards.

But our weapons production is plagued with corruption, cheating and highly excessive greed,
like with Lockheed Martin,
and the F-35.

It is good that Trump called out Lockheed,
with his LaLa Land Tweetie Bird spanks Sylvester the Lockheed Fat Cat tweet routine.

The age of military weapons manufacture corruption may come to an end,
or at least be held more accountable.

If Lockheed had done what they did with the F-35 in Russia,
their management would be in jail,
or more likely dead.

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