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Next President of the United Fates of America

Quote:The NATO war preparation against Russia, ‘Operation Atlantic Resolve’, is in full swing. 2,000 US tanks will be sent in coming days from Germany to Eastern Europe, and 1,600 US tanks is deployed to storage facilities in the Netherlands. At the same time, NATO countries are sending thousands of soldiers in to Russian borders.

That is by Chossudovsky

Operation Atlantic Resolve was planned out long before this election,
and it is a NATO war coopertaion exrecise. 

2000 US tanks aren't going to stop a Russian invasion,
2000 US tanks aren't going to invade Russia. 

tank strength by country

Russia 15,398

US  8,848

Putin is going to wait it out to see what Trump has in his back pocket,
and Putin isn't worried about 2000 US tanks.

Putin is however worried about significant US investment in "upgrading the US nuclear arsenal".
In that regard,
you can read between the lines.

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