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Next President of the United Fates of America
Iraqi forces have taken Mosul university,
and are advancing into adjacent neighborhoods.
Watch for ISIS to start taking civilian hostages for shields soon.

Mosul should fall within two months, or less.
If it doesn't, then ISIS is stronger than we have been led to believe.
At some point the rats will abandon their sinking caliphate capitol in Iraq -- mosul will be liberated,
and then Mosul will be incarcerated again under Iraqi Shiite rule.

Turkey will engage Kurds in northern Iraq,'
while the Iraqi govt. tells Turkey to go home,
so that the Iraqi Shiites can kill the Kurds.

Everybody will be trying to kill the Kurds,
once ISIS is pushing up cactus daisies in the Iraqi desert.

Iran will aid in occupying Syria since the Assad govt. does not have the manpower,
to reoccupy the territory taken from the rebels. 

Soon, Assad will try and retake Palmyra.

Soon, something very extraordinary is going to happen.

ISIS remnant forces will have to reorganize elsewhere when Raqqa falls.
I think that they are already contingency planning that.
This is the most interesting aspect of their downfall and loss of their caliphate.

It will be interesting to see how Russia plans on cooperating with the US on ISIS.

Russia has done very little to contain ISIS, leaving us to do that dirty work.
A very smart move by Putin.

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